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act (up)on

1. To take action in a situation. The report is due tomorrow, so I need you to act on it immediately. Please act upon this subpoena for records at once.
2. To take action that is strongly influenced by certain information or advice. ("Upon" is most commonly used to convey this meaning.) Acting upon my doctor's orders, I cleared my schedule and spent the week recuperating at home. A; "I can't believe he said that about us!" B: "Well, he's probably just acting on his mother's instruction, and that woman hates us."
3. To impact in some way. The barking dogs next door are acting on my patience.
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act (up)on something

1. to take action on a particular problem. (Upon is more formal and less commonly used than on.) I will act on this immediately.
2. to take action because of some special information. The police refused to act upon his complaint because he was an ex-convict.
3. to perform on something, usually the stage (in a theater). Ken has never acted on the stage or in front of a camera.
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act on

1. Also, act upon. Conduct oneself in accordance with or as a result of information or another action, as in I will act on my lawyer's advice, or The manager refused to act upon the hotel guest's complaints. [c. 1800]
2. Influence or affect, as in The baby's fussing acted on the sitter's nerves. [c. 1800]
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Teradata CRM will help marketing users derive ever-greater business value from the volumes of fresh customer information streaming into Barclays' Teradata Warehouse, allowing marketers to rapidly identify and act upon new revenue-generating opportunities, rather than spend their time coding SQL," said Chris J.
a recognized leader in enterprise desktop search solutions, was founded in 2003 to help business users easily access and act upon information that resides anywhere on a desktop or the corporate enterprise.
a recognized leader in desktop search solutions, was founded in 2003 to help business users easily access and act upon information that resides anywhere on a desktop or the corporate enterprise.
The acquisition of AIS will enable our customers to broaden business performance practices within their organizations with the capability to analyze information and act upon these indicators at any time," said Pierre Samec, Senior Vice President of Cartesis Product Group.
X1 Enterprise Edition Enables Business Users to Access -- and Act upon -- Corporate Data to Enhance Productivity and Leverage Existing Information Assets
who first accurately described how stun gun shocks act upon the human physiology.
RedDot Solutions provides software to create, manage and act upon the content that drives business processes and collaboration.
Pacific Standard Time, for the following purposes: (1) To consider and act upon a proposal to amend the Articles of Incorporation of the Company to change the Company's name to eRXSYS Inc.
ATP anticipates that a special meeting of ATP's shareholders to act upon its proposed merger with a wholly-owned subsidiary of IVAX will occur in September, 2003.
Hodgson, Chairman of the Board of Todd, indicated that it is the intention of the Board to consider and act upon the payment of future dividends on a regular quarterly basis.
Searchspace solutions currently manage hundreds of millions of transactions daily, empowering companies to track, analyze, and act upon all customer transactions in real-time.
In most cases there's a clear need for a clear web strategy that utilizes web analytics technology, enabling companies to understand and act upon Web site activity and helping them achieve business objectives.
The purpose of the meeting is to elect directors, ratify the appointment of independent auditors for the current fiscal year and to consider and act upon such other matters as may properly come before the meeting.
Subscribers can act upon real-time information and take informed decisions in response to changing industry needs so reducing costs and improving competitive advantage.
He said that there are different views and sects in all religions of the world but they respect the opinion of each other and act upon the policy of live and let live whereas there is extremism and intolerance in our society.