act the goat

act/play the goat

to behave in a silly way, sometimes in order to make people laugh Insecure and lonely, he resorted to acting the goat to get people's attention.
See also: act, goat
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Guaranteed to be a fun night out, put your satire on hold and watch a man act the goat.
It's time to put the satire on hold and watch a grown man act the goat.
A PUPIL at a Northumberland school has promised not to act the goat during lessons, after being allowed to bring his nanny goats to class.
At least it gives him less opportunity to act the goat.
Seriously though, we all need someone to act the goat sometimes - there'd be no newspapers otherwise.
Some had last acted as a shepherd in their primary one nativity play, others had appeared on Taggart and more than a few couldn't act the goat if you threw Oscars at them.
Any player with some semblance of sense would have figured out now is not the time to act the goat at Celtic.
He joked: "As they say it's the only place where a goat acts the king and the people act the goat.
Penalties were a Shackleton speciality and provided him with endless opportunities to act the goat.
He chants feeble-minded terrace songs and thinks it is funny to act the goat.
This means when it is our turn to cook, we have nothing to do except act the goat, drink and wait for it to reheat.
When you are away from it all nobody cares what you get up to and you can act the goat without any fear of embarrassment.
WednesdayFed up with these pop-up messages appearing on my computer screen inviting me to watch Stacy and her friends act the goat or do something with a goat.