act for

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act for someone

1. to represent someone in an official capacity; to represent the interests of someone. Don't worry. I am acting for the owner. I am his real estate agent.
2. to take action when the proper person fails to take action. I had to act for her since she was out of town.
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106-554: The Consolidated Appropriations Act for FY2001.
None of the funds made available under this Act for assistance for Kosovo shall be made available for large scale physical infrastructure reconstruction.
In the absence of a regular authorization act, "authorizing language" has been included with the annual foreign operations appropriations act for the fiscal years subsequent to 1987.
The above ESF and FMFP authorized for FY2001 shall be disbursed not later than thirty days after the date of the enactment of the appropriations act for FY2001, or 31 October 2000, whichever is later.
This is addition to the transfer authority for the same two ships to Turkey provided by Section 1018(a)(9), National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2000, P.
22 percent of the discretionary budget authority provided for FY2001 in this or any other act for each department, agency, instrumentality, or entity of the Federal Government, except for programs, projects, and activities specifically exempted.
Section 3101(a) provides authority to DoD to use up to $45,000,000 of funding appropriated by this Act for the provision of support for counter-drug activities of the Government of Colombia.
Section 3101(b) limits this support to types specified in Section 1033(c)(1), National Defense Authorization Act for FY 1998, P.
Section 1308(h) prohibits the obligation or expenditure of not more than 10 percent of FY2001 CTR funding until the Secretary of Defense submits to Congress an updated version of the multi-year plan for FY2001, required to be submitted by Section 1205, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1995, P.
It may be a defense to a charge of discrimination under this Act for an employer to show that an application of qualification standards, tests or selection criteria that tend to screen out or otherwise deny a job or benefit to a disabled individual is job related and consistent with business necessity.
In addition, Kitty Hawk Ground reimbursed ACT for its normal operating expenses from May 30, 2006 through the closing date and acquired the cash, accounts receivable and prepaid items generated from the operation of the acquired business in the ordinary course during the same period.
If the amendments to 12 CFR parts 7 and 34 are enacted as proposed, Fitch would likely reach similar conclusions regarding preemption of the Act for mortgage loans originated by both OCC-regulated national banks and their operating subsidiaries as the conclusions reached with respect to OTS-regulated federal savings institutions and their operating subsidiaries.
Martin Shum, President and Chief Executive Officer of ACT Networks, commented: "This order is significant to ACT for two primary reasons.