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Even in this situation, however, there are suppliers that have gained business at GM without completely acquiescing to its demands.
She may overstate the argument for noble agency behind these legal changes; it was primarily the Senate, courts and other government bodies who acted to expand noblewomen's property rights, while the nobility itself seems mainly to have reacted by either evading or acquiescing to laws depending on their interests.
Meanwhile, many of the same legislators acquiescing to these new restrictions on American citizens also are supporting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and failing to enforce our borders.
Kusama's struggle to master her internal demons and the "external" sensibility of '60s art resulted in works too heavy for their idiom; Pop is about acquiescing to desire, not combating it.
Acquiescing to the urgings of Hong Kong's democratic leaders, House Speaker Newt Gingrich pulled back Sunday on a proposal to link favored trade status with China to its behavior toward Hong Kong.
Worse than that, they tend to follow orders so rigidly - blindly acquiescing to obvious programming mistakes - that they sometimes resemble the brooms used by the sorcerer's apprentice in the Walt Disney film Fantasia, endlessly repeating a process no matter how ridiculous or destructive the outcome.
By frequently talking conservative, and calling itself conservative - while pursuing or acquiescing to damaging policies that are anything but conservative - the administration has given conservatism black eye.
government should continue establishing and enforcing its own safety standards, rather than acquiescing to a multilateral organization that in this instance doesn't even have a current standard.
In parliament, lawmakers from the prime minister's own Likud Party attacked Netanyahu for acquiescing to the land-for-peace formula he denounced for so many years.
Fitch is troubled by many findings in the report, particularly the number and levels of individuals and entities agreeing or acquiescing to poor financial planning and inadequate disclosure, as it is characterized in the report.