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My fear is that this necessity [subsidized manufacturing] won't become apparent to most Americans; that we will acquiesce to manufacturing's shrunken role in the American economy, just as we gradually acquiesced to frequent large-scale layoffs in the late twentieth century.
Margaret McEntire, who founded Candy Bouquet International of Little Rock in 1989, has finally acquiesced to her husband's pleas: She retired earlier this month.
In 2005, Archbishop Flynn grudgingly acquiesced to Vatican statements not to administer Communion to homosexual activists.
When the robbers acquiesced to his request, Colley moved to a seat near where he kept his pistol, got hold of his gun, and fired twice at Howard, hitting him in the head once, killing him.
Schwarzenegger and a coalition of cities, counties and special districts have acquiesced to Democratic demands that the state be able to borrow local tax revenues.
resolutions demanded the harshest of responses has essentially acquiesced to the "facts on the ground" strategy of various Likud leaders, a campaign of decades of defiance to U.
The IRS acquiesced to Sutherland (see Action on Decision (AOD) 2002-02, Feb.
The IRS recently acquiesced to this ruling (Chief Counsel Notice N(35) 000173,10-17-00).
At other times, they too continued to have their children baptized and either adorned the walls of the village soviet's meeting place with icons or acquiesced to having icons there.
3/18/97), and has acquiesced to the May Department Stores decision, the Service has not changed its position requiring that taxpayers attach a statement to their returns to elect that their overpayments be applied to an estimated tax installment other than the first installment.
91-31 in order to (i) facilitate an orderly transition of all utility company taxpayers to the same tax treatment and (ii) afford equitable relief to taxpayers that had acquiesced to the IRS position ultimately rejected in Indianapolis Power.
As the debate on Capitol Hill evolves over maintaining the solvency of Social Security, it appears Americans have already acquiesced to working longer or working some in retirement," Zimpleman said.
Desmarteau alleged that she acquiesced to Tamayo's demand for sexual favors because she was physically afraid of him and because she believed her career would be adversely affected if she rejected his advances, Fontenot wrote.
As described in The Consortium, Times publisher Arthur Hays Sulzberger acquiesced to a CIA request that the newspaper black out its independent news coverage of the covert operation.
By the early twentieth century, the bulk of professional opinion had swung around; social workers and home economists supported the need for expanded cash relief for the poor and destitute and acquiesced to the expansion of public relief efforts, most notably in the case of "mothers'" or "widows'" pensions during the 1910s.