acquiesce to

acquiesce to someone or something

to give in to someone or someone's wishes; to agree, perhaps reluctantly, to someone's ideas or requests. We are willing to acquiesce to your demands.
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Israel will not acquiesce to the continued smuggling of arms," the Israeli daily Haaretz daily quoted the Israeli security cabinet.
To do anything less is to acquiesce to a system that does not value our contribution to the health services within NSW and sets up an untenable role model for new graduates to follow.
Religious organizations got many of these breaks by lobbying for them, and The Times quoted experts who pointed out that in most cases, Congress and state lawmakers were only too happy to acquiesce to the demands of lobbyists representing religious interests.
As the common citizens of Europe sit aghast, their elected representatives acquiesce to the unelected elites at the EU overturning their countries' laws, against the people's wishes.
This professional approach does not, however, mean that you should acquiesce to the coach.
Bottom line: When the NFL does arrive - whether it's next week or in 2050, just as we're capturing Reggie the Alligator and getting the car-pool lane on the 405 - the league must acquiesce to us.
Why should Americans have to acquiesce to foreign cultural standards they find demeaning, offensive, stupid or dangerous without some reciprocal arrangement with guests who visit these shores?
Buried in the middle of the book, at the end of the third chapter, is the sentence Cruz should have used to end this masterful survey: "We postmodern critics may opt either to distance ourselves from and dismiss the social problems engaged by the picaresque novel through the picaro's buffoonish acts, or to acknowledge and acquiesce to its social purpose" (115).
In return, the politicians acquiesce to union demands for a union shop and the dues checkoff.
Presumably, those Catholics who had long asserted the obligation to acquiesce to the state--to serve in the nation's wars, to obey authority, to be aspiring capitalists--become the defenders of a distinct Catholic identity.
Cited frequently enough, revenue agents will very likely assert the proposition as though it were a settled rule of law and taxpayers may acquiesce to that view.
We should not, however, acquiesce to those aspects that potentially compromise either the quality of care or the quality of the physician's work life.
Fitch believes this to be a technical issue that CZR bondholders will acquiesce to.
The Bush administration, according to Washington sources, is likely to acquiesce to the WTO's demands.