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acquiesce to someone or something

to give in to someone or someone's wishes; to agree, perhaps reluctantly, to someone's ideas or requests. We are willing to acquiesce to your demands.
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Schumer also asks the IRS to reconsider and acquiesce rather than challenging Thwaites.
Presumably, those Catholics who had long asserted the obligation to acquiesce to the state--to serve in the nation's wars, to obey authority, to be aspiring capitalists--become the defenders of a distinct Catholic identity.
The book traces their flight to safety, and their struggle with the temptation to acquiesce and make peace with the victorious army -- a peace offered at the price of betraying their Hordanu and surrendering the Talamadh.
The BI industry itself is eager to provide its services at a cross organisation level through the deployment of strategic and enterprise-pervasive BI, but the business community seems somewhat reluctant to acquiesce.
to acquiesce to their demands, or knuckle under to the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who will doubtless continue to bray about post-Saddam Iraq: "U.
It is uncertain whether the IRS will acquiesce in this decision.
Panelists will also discuss the evolving role of corporate and criminal counsel in internal investigations, how to recognize and interpret warning signs that a specific industry is becoming a priority for scrutiny, and how to decide when to fight or to acquiesce if a company is under government investigation.
Bottom line: When the NFL does arrive - whether it's next week or in 2050, just as we're capturing Reggie the Alligator and getting the car-pool lane on the 405 - the league must acquiesce to us.
The cartel's agenda, minus the Madison Avenue packaging, is to condition the American people to acquiesce to (and, better still, embrace) steps leading to global government controlled by a ruling elite.
Intellectual and social fashion-setters - for instance Joseph Addison and Richard Steele, the inventors of the Spectator were no longer prepared to acquiesce in old ways, and declined to be passively obedient to fearsome father figures, especially to that terrifying patriarch, the Calvinist Lord.
Fitch believes this to be a technical issue that CZR bondholders will acquiesce to.
Without the necessary funds, the Company had no other option than to acquiesce to the sale," said Mr.
Our relationship with Turkey is important, but that relationship must not compel us to acquiesce in the unwillingness of Turkey to confront the actions of its Ottoman forebears,'' lawmakers wrote.
This overwhelming support for a strike reflects years of pent-up frustration over the company's refusal to negotiate in good faith, and the NMB's willingness to acquiesce to Mesaba's stalling tactics instead of ordering the parties to get together and talk," said AMFA National Director O.
They concluded, as a legal matter, that releasing the guaranties was permissible and, as a business matter, that Wilshire had no choice but to acquiesce to the return of the guaranties if it wanted the additional money to pay its lenders.