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acquaint (one) with

To help someone become familiar or comfortable with something. You'll need to acquaint me with the rules of their culture. Can you please acquaint Eric with the new procedure for data entry?
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acquainted with (someone or something)

1. Having met someone, but not knowing them well. I'm just acquainted with Daniel because we have many friends in common. Are you acquainted with my sister? I can't remember if you two met before.
2. Knowledgeable about or familiar with something. I need to become acquainted with the rules of this game. Dale is acquainted with the new procedure for data entry, so he will show it to you.
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*acquainted with someone

[of a person] known to someone; [of a person] having been introduced to someone. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; get ~.) We are only acquainted with each other. We are certainly not what you would call close friends.
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*acquainted with something

familiar with something; able to understand or recognize something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; get ~.) Tom is fully acquainted with the way we do things.
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The event, which was organized in the framework of Fateh al-Moudarres Days, opened the door wide for the children to get acquainted with the rich artistic experience of the late Syrian artist al-Moudares and the most important stages in his artistic life, in addition to his contact with the Syrian nature and environment.
She added that the seven-member delegation visited several Moroccan cities and got acquainted with the progress achieved in various areas and the climate of openness prevailing in the country.
Acquainted is entered for the Ribblesdale, but not the Oaks.
Furthermore, Mujawar got acquainted with the progress in the project of the indoor hall in Sayon, which costs YR 305 million and being constructed on 3500 square meters and would have seats for 2500 viewers.
2 : to make familiar <The supervisor acquainted them with their duties.
During his years as an observer in a medical examiner's office, Timmermans writes, he became well acquainted with the many methods employed by these experts, and he now describes the specifics as applied to particular cases.
DECEMBER Family is the focus, and you might get better acquainted with a few long-lost relatives.
Poets have long written of the romance of the night world, so what better person to capture its romance and natural history than poet Christopher Dewdney, whose ACQUAINTED WITH THE NIGHT: EXCURSIONS THROUGH THE WORLD AFTER DARK probes the scientific and literary world of 6pm to 6am.
Getting Acquainted with the National League of Cities, a new video about NLC's programs, services, and resources, can now be viewed on NLC's website.
Pope Benedict XVI is very highly recommended reading, especially for those not yet acquainted with the life story of the newest Roman Catholic Pope.
A yacht designer himself, Gurney is intimately acquainted with the necessity of tracking a ship's exact location on the high seas.
The iPod will provide several educational functions for Drexel students, including advising and orientation information "which helps students become better acquainted with their new environment," he says.
That's why you need to get acquainted with a commercial manufacturer.
Some simple algebra and probability theory is involved; the step-by-step details and highlighted problem-solving charts make Business Case Analysis a superb guideline for readers of all backgrounds to quickly get acquainted with the theories.