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have a nodding acquaintance (with someone or something)

To have a slight or precursory knowledge of someone or something. Jim asked me to help fix his computer for him, but I'm afraid I only have a nodding acquaintance with how his machine works. Ruth and I had only a nodding acquaintance before going to the party, but once we got talking, it was like we'd been friends our whole lives.
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delighted to make your acquaintance

I'm very happy to meet you. After hearing so many good things about you, I'm delighted to make your acquaintance, Stu.

(I'm) delighted to make your acquaintance.

Fig. I am very glad to meet you. Tom: My name is Tom. I work in the advertising department. Mary: I'm Mary. I work in accounting. Delighted to make your acquaintance. Tom: Yeah. Good to meet you. Fred: Sue, this is Bob. He'll be working with us on the Wilson project. Sue: I'm delighted to make your acquaintance, Bob. Bob: My pleasure.

nodding acquaintance

Superficial knowledge of someone or something, as in I have a nodding acquaintance with the company president, or She has a nodding acquaintance with that software program. This expression alludes to knowing someone just well enough to nod or bow upon meeting him or her. "Early 1800s]
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scrape up an acquaintance

Make an effort to become familiar with someone, especially for one's own benefit. For example, He scraped up an acquaintance with the college president in hopes of getting his son admitted . This term uses scrape in the sense of "gather with difficulty" (also see under scare up). Originally put as scrape acquaintance, it was first recorded in 1600.
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a passing acquaintance with someone

If you have a passing acquaintance with someone, you know them slightly. To those with only a passing acquaintance he is charming and engaging. Note: You can also say that you have a nodding acquaintance with someone. And of course, he can now claim — after his first summit as head of government — more than a nodding acquaintance with his fellow leaders. Note: You can call a person a passing acquaintance or a nodding acquaintance if you know them slightly. He was no more than a passing acquaintance of Wright.

a passing acquaintance with something

If you have a passing acquaintance with something, you only know a little about it. These days a theatre-goer needs more than a passing acquaintance with science. Note: You can also say that you have a nodding acquaintance with something. We chatted for a little about poetry, with which he showed considerably more than a nodding acquaintance.

have a nodding acquaintance with someone or something

know someone slightly; know a little about something.
1989 Donnie Radcliffe Simply Barbara Bush Their families had lived less than ten miles apart as they were growing up, and their fathers almost certainly had a nodding acquaintance on the golf course.

scrape acquaintance with

contrive to get to know. dated
1992 Atlantic I thought how lucky the Crimms were to have scraped acquaintance with me, for I seldom reveal my identity to ordinary people on my jaunts around the world.
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make somebody’s acquaintance


make the acquaintance of somebody

(formal) meet somebody for the first time: I am delighted to make your acquaintance, Mrs Baker.I made the acquaintance of several musicians at that time.
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have a nodding acˈquaintance with somebody/something

know somebody slightly/know a little about something: I have a nodding acquaintance with some members of the committee.You need at least a nodding acquaintance with the rules of chess to understand the book.

scrape (up) an acˈquaintance with somebody

(informal) try to become friends with somebody because they might be useful to you

make (someone's) acquaintance

To meet someone for the first time: I made his acquaintance at a business conference.
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i] as a measure of the degree of acquaintanceship in team i that accounts for the existing connections between the different partners of the team.
Just under half of all participants had either a friendship or acquaintanceship with the classmate they described as having a disability.
Subject 2 was replaced at Session 5 of the study by S2*, and the replacement reported having no prior acquaintanceship with the other two subjects.
WELCOME to the world of amateur dramatics - a place where talent and gusto seem to share merely a nodding acquaintanceship.
Thus, a defense of the helpless (human and nonhuman) and a responsible stewardship of the environment should be an obvious outcome of acquaintanceship with parapsychology, because protecting and caring for others is, in a very wonderful way, also a selfish act.
In any event, both of them were eager to move this acquaintanceship from talk to action.
Five thematic groupings have been identified as significant in these men's decisions: formative experiences, the "Call", expediency, acquaintanceship with a nurse and personal fulfilment.
This means that a margin of profit is forgone in lieu of concerns about safety and the protocols of acquaintanceship.
Foster acquaintanceship among agents so they could support one another
Mathews's reminiscences are wholly privileged in origin, public expressions of a private acquaintanceship, a closed circuit of recollections which he, Perec, and others shared but from which the reader is of necessity excluded.
2008) claim that "the goal of CRM systems is not merely to establish and maintain a relationship with customers but rather to increase the strength of the relationship from acquaintanceship to partnership".
But it meant his Christmas wish to renew his acquaintanceship with the film legend he has not seen for more than 40 years had come true.
So would an acquaintanceship with some of the novels of Solzhenitsyn, especially The First Circle.
When the music is in score form, unadorned on the page, spontaneous barriers to easy acquaintanceship seem to pop up.