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acknowledge (one) as

To publicly announce or accept that one possesses certain qualities or has attained a specific achievement or result. All she wanted was for her old boss to finally acknowledge her as the new director of the organization. The dissidents refused to acknowledge the new leader as legitimate.
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acknowledge (one) to be right

To publicly announce or accept that one is correct in some position, action, or statement. After a lengthy interview with investigators, the suspect acknowledged the witness to be right. The finance department acknowledged Henry to be right about the accounting error.
See also: acknowledge, right

acknowledge (the) receipt of

To recognize, often formally, that something has been received, usually an item that has been delivered. Jason signed a form to acknowledge the receipt of the letter. Did you get a notification acknowledging receipt of your package?
See also: acknowledge, of, receipt
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In addition to the 2003 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Excellence Award, UniPress Software was recently acknowledged by Gartner, Inc.
Although Burlington Northern acknowledged in the fall of 2001 that the Pinole crossing posed an unnecessary risk, it failed to close it.
The doctor also acknowledged that between 1992 and 1995, he had held 11 different jobs at six different hospitals.
It is an honor to be acknowledged for our accomplishments as a top performing community bank," Brent L.
The larger issue that Tate confronts, however, is whether black novelists will ever be allowed to possess the same sort of inner psychic life that white writers are routinely acknowledged to possess.
Billy Bean's coming-out will undoubtedly help other athletes come out, as Olympic diver Greg Louganis did nearly five years ago when he acknowledged publicly that he is gay and HIV-positive.
The volume would have been strengthened by an introduction that acknowledged the strengths and limitations of this trajectory in relation to the variety of new approaches now taken in narratives of U.
Although he acknowledged real strengths in the modern university and scrupulously avoided any suggestion of a golden age in the past, the prevailing imagery of the book tended toward declension.
Jack Jones was acknowledged for his instrumental efforts last year in creating an information security group of nearly 100 professionals as the chief information security officer at Nationwide Insurance.
Gonzales' comments before the House Judiciary Committee marked the first time the administration acknowledged shortcomings with the controversial policy enacted 11 days after the terrorist attacks - automatically closing certain deportation hearings and prohibiting courts from listing the cases on dockets, according to activists.
It is interesting that the Lambeth statement did not endorse violence itself, but merely acknowledged and expressed sympathy for those who felt they had no other choice.
A subsequent request for a copy of the financial report was never acknowledged.
The FBI acknowledged the possible bate-crime link only after pressure was exerted by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Projects and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
While the article acknowledged the difference between semi-automatics and machine guns, it implied that the former could be converted into the latter so easily that the difference was of little significance.
African American music's debt to minstrelsy is acknowledged in Chapter VII.