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come the acid

To be unpleasant or offensive, usually due to speaking in a caustic or sarcastic manner. Often followed by "with (someone)." Don't come the acid with me, son, or I'll knock you upside the head. I try to avoid her whenever I can, for she's far too quick to come the acid.
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put the acid on (someone)

To beg, importune, or proposition (someone) for something, such as a money loan, a favor (sexual or otherwise), or information. Primarily heard in Australia, New Zealand. My no-account brother-in-law is always putting the acid on for a money loan—which, I'll add, he has never once paid back. It's like he's surprised when women in a random bar don't all come up putting the acid on him.
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be on acid

To be under the influence of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a powerful psychedelic drug commonly known as "acid." A lot of my friends like being on acid, but it just makes me feel really tense and paranoid.
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on acid

Under the influence of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a powerful psychedelic drug commonly known as "acid." The man was reportedly on acid when claimed he could fly and tried to jump off the building.
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acid test

A conclusive test. The phrase comes from the 19th-century practice of testing metals in nitric acid to determine if they contained gold. Restructuring the organization will be the acid test that determines whether or not it can survive the sudden downturn in the economy.
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acid test

Fig. a test whose findings are beyond doubt or dispute. The senator doesn't look too popular just now, but the acid test will be if he gets reelected.
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an acid test

a test which will really prove the value, quality, or truth of something The new show was well received but viewing figures for the next episode will be the real acid test. The acid test for the product will be whether people actually buy it.
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acid test

A decisive trial to determine worth or quality, as in Exposure to brilliant sunlight is the acid test for showing this fabric won't fade. Alluding to a 19th-century chemical test for distinguishing gold from other metals, this term was used figuratively by the early 1900s.
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n. lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). (Drugs.) Freddy got hold of some bad acid and freaked out.
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