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accrue to someone or something

[used of interest paid on money] to be credited to an account or to a person's account. Interest will accrue to your account as long as the account is active.
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Leveraging the relationship with IBM, Accrue will implement marketing initiatives including Web seminars, executive briefings, and targeted marketing programs including the following:
The Cisco iQ Ecosystem Program enables Accrue to continue to provide companies with Internet analytics expertise, but with the added benefit of access to `pre-qualified' complimentary technology and services companies," said Jonathan D.
Accrue Insight enables Organic to provide the sites they host with an additional, value-added service.
2003-10, the Service provided guidance on the tax year in which an accrual-method vendor accrues gross income under Sec.
Firefly is excited to be working with Accrue as part of an open software solution to provide site managers with complete reporting and analysis capabilities," said Saul Klein, V.
461-1(a)(2), the taxpayer should properly accrue and deduct the gross receipts tax imposed by the State of Maryland in the calendar year following the end of the income year.
In general, interest will accrue on the debt instrument at this yield, with subsequent adjustments if the actual payments differ from the payment schedule.
Accrue Software was formed in 1995 and incorporated in February of 1996.
As such, W may not accrue $16,000 of gross sales in 2002, because it does not have a fixed right to that amount.
These advantages make Accrue Insight a crucial site analysis tool for content developers, Web site administrators, and market analysts.
It was this penalty interest that the taxpayer sought to accrue, and which the IRS disallowed.
Commissioner, said that an accrual method brokerage firm must accrue commission income on the trade date rather than on the settlement date.
106, Employers' Accounting for Postretirement Benefits Other Than Pensions, which requires employers to accrue the cost of retiree health and other postretirement benefits.
On and after the redemption date, all holders of cumulative preferred stock shall cease to be shareholders, all dividends on the shares of each series will cease to accrue and all rights with respect to such shares will cease, except the right to receive the redemption price and unpaid and accrued dividends up to the redemption date, upon surrender of the certificates for the shares.
Interest will accrue at a spread of 50 basis points over the applicable LIBOR equivalent base rate.