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Guide thee I can; and, it may be, even in some sort defend thee; since to protect a Jew against a Saracen, can scarce be accounted unworthy of a Christian.
This, sirs," continued Dorothea, "is my story; it only remains to tell you that of all the attendants I took with me from my kingdom I have none left except this well-bearded squire, for all were drowned in a great tempest we encountered when in sight of port; and he and I came to land on a couple of planks as if by a miracle; and indeed the whole course of my life is a miracle and a mystery as you may have observed; and if I have been over minute in any respect or not as precise as I ought, let it be accounted for by what the licentiate said at the beginning of my tale, that constant and excessive troubles deprive the sufferers of their memory.
She accounted for it, however, by supposing that her last letter to her friend from Longbourn had by some accident been lost.
In her last scene, at Maryland and Virginia, many pleasant things happened, which makes that part of her life very agreeable, but they are not told with the same elegancy as those accounted for by herself; so it is still to the more advantage that we break off here.
You asked me if I accounted for the disappearance to myself,' Mrs Clennam sternly reminded him, 'not if I accounted for it to you.
The standard also requires that a change in depreciation, amortization or depletion method be accounted for as a change in accounting estimate with a prospective application.
For example, if loans are accounted for under the fair value option, what impact would that have on loan loss allowances, which under risk-based capital standards are a component of regulatory capital?
Insurance contracts will continue to be accounted for under previous GAAP methods, but the new standard does attempt to clarify the definition of such contracts, putting particular emphasis on the amount of risk being transferred.
704(b) capital account and his tax basis capital account will generally be accounted for by the partnership either under Sec.
TEI believes that as long as amounts or items that would otherwise be duplicated or omitted are accounted for through a section 481(a) adjustment period, taxpayers should be permitted to make favorable adjustments in open tax years.
If SFAS 52 applies, a company must demonstrate only that a contemplated transaction creates risk, while hedging transactions accounted for under SFAS 80 must meet a much more restrictive "enterprise" risk test.
97-50, costs paid or incurred to convert or replace computer software to recognize dates beginning in the year 2000 should be accounted for as software development or software acquisition costs under the guidance provided in Rev.
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