according to

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according to (someone or something)

1. As stated by another individual or source. According to the almanac, we're going to have a very hot summer this year. That restaurant is excellent, according to Tom.
2. Proportionate to something. Nate gets paid time and a half according to how many hours of overtime he works.
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according to someone or something

as said or indicated by someone or something. According to the weather forecast, this should be a beautiful day.
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according to something

in proportion to something. You will get paid according to the number of hours that you work.
See also: accord
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While China continues to be the primary driver, there is strength throughout the world, according to a host of statistics.
According to Brzezinski, during the last years of the Soviet state, Potanin "specialized in the procuring of jealously guarded export licenses.
Certain jaw sets are highly specialized and offer separate benefits depending on the user, according to Rosengaard.
Percentage of Canadian CEOs who classify themselves as workaholics, according to a survey by Compas: 56
2], according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis.
Effective credentialing provides several advantages for a managed care company, including risk management, accreditation and immunity from provider lawsuits, according to Margolis.
In other words, make sure there's something about your site that makes people want to come back again and again, according to Vincent Flanders, author of Web Pages That Suck and More Web Pages That Suck.
According to Wagar, North American financial statements, with notable but limited exceptions, have traditionally applied a depreciated historical cost convention in financial reporting.
According to Tony Lyons, director of research, Imerys, "The high value potential of engineered pigments warrants changes in formulations and the way that coaters are run.
Business jet operations at large airports throughout the United States increased in 2003, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, while fractional ownership of airplanes throughout the world also lifted during the year by nearly 7%.
According to a statement released by IBM Instant Technologies president and founder Peyton McManus, IM provides a means to compress time.
The standardized approach is similar to the current framework in that bank assets are categorized and then weighted according to fixed risk weights for the various categories specified by supervisors.
But the feds are virtually powerless when it comes to protecting the rabbits from residents' free-ranging house cats, dogs and those ubiquitous suburban freeloaders, raccoons, which are among the rabbits' other threats, according to the U.