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Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Do not delay or hesitate to do something if you can finish or accomplish it today. A: "I've just got one more short assignment and then I'll be finished with my homework, but I think I'll wait until Sunday to do it." B: "You'll enjoy your weekend more if you do it now. Remember, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!"
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mission accomplished

something that you say when you have finished doing something that you were told to do
Usage notes: This was a military phrase in World War II.
Mission accomplished. I've got everything you asked for on the list.
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Owner and General Manager of Accomplish Ltd, Grant Hewson comments, "We are very excited to be partnering with HTNA as we make our software available to the U.
Just creating goals alone is fine and dandy but giving yourself until noon to accomplish your three most challenging tasks will boost your productivity exponentially.
In fact, students' specific choice of strategy use may be determined from several of these behavioral and personal factors, including the value students place upon the specific academic task (task value) and their belief that they can accomplish the academic task (perceived self-efficacy).
But, what this does bring to light is a sense of urgency to accomplish the goal of "ability to maintain cost accountability".
However you characterize a leader, I believe your success depends not so much on what you are able to do, as on what you are able to get others to accomplish.
However, he knew that he would never accomplish his entrepreneurial dream without stepping out of his comfort zone and taking a chance.
Besides church groups and labor unions, we were one of the only groups in this country to accomplish that feat.
The list includes absence of jaundice, signs of coordinated feeding, and assurance that parents can recognize common infant problems--which should take at least 2 days to accomplish, the statement says.
Such streamlining is difficult to accomplish, because a favorite fear of physicians is that they will be "disenfranchised.
Thus, for example, a person who is qualified to perform an evaluation for a vehicle modification will not likely be qualified to accomplish an evaluation for computer access.
Movers are hesitant to raise vital questions to avoid informing their competitors of how they propose to accomplish the move.
Innovation Games are a set of proven techniques that product teams can use to engage customers to gain deeper understanding and insights that can be applied to accomplish strategic and tactical goals including:
We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.
The rationale for this session was the premise that students who practice effectively will accomplish more, derive increased satisfaction from their practice time and, therefore, be motivated to practice more.
Mission accomplishment is important -- and even more important is to accomplish the mission and do it safely.