fait accompli

A decision that has already been made or something that has already been accomplished or completed. The decision by the CEO to close 50 of the company's stores came as a fait accompli to the rest of the management team, who were powerless to stop it. Failing this class is not a fait accompli—you have the ability to study and bring up your grade!
See also: accompli, fait

a ˌfait accomˈpli

(from French) something that has already happened or been done and that you cannot change: We got married secretly and then presented our parents with a fait accompli.
See also: accompli, fait
References in classic literature ?
Europe adjusts itself to a fait accompli, and so does an individual character--until the placid adjustment is disturbed by a convulsive retribution.
Summary: This week promises to be crucial for the 10-month-old Cabinet crisis leading to the formation of either a national unity government, or a fait accompli Cabinet with all the dire consequences this entails, political sources said Monday.
Il a fait deux sessions de remise en forme par jour et il a accompli ce que nous voulions qu'il accomplisse", a declare Sir Alex.
During a visit to Solihull College on Thursday, Mr Clegg said: "What I find very disconcerting is that their so-called consultation looks to me like a fait accompli.
It seems to me that Croxteth parents are being presented with a fait accompli.
Harlequins director of rugby Richards is a strong contender for the job after his success at domestic and European level with Leicester, but insists it is far from a fait accompli.
I imagine many Birmingham residents and council tax payers were unaware of this almost fait accompli.
I am concerned that used as a case study in PPS22 Companion Guide it may therefore be a fait accompli, something which in a democratic society must not be allowed.
We did not believe it was fait accompli, that it would be possible to straighten people out.
AFTER its transparent blue Accompli phone/organiser failed to set the world alight, Motorola is having another go with the rather more sober Accompli 009.
Developed in collaboration with Vodafone, Softwired and ATG, (who provide leading edge scenario and profiling features), the architecture has all the key features necessary for developing and deploying revenue-generating applications for Java-enabled mobile devices including PDAs, Communicators and emerging Smartphones such as the Siemens SL 45i and Motorola Accompli 008.
De hauts responsables de l'Etat, des membres du gouvernement, des representants de partis politiques et de la societe civile ainsi que des membres du corps diplomatique de pays arabes et musulmans accredites a Alger ont egalement accompli la priere de l'Aid Al-Adha dans cette meme mosquee.
NNA - MP Michel Aoun slammed PM-designate Tammam Salam as exercising the peak of contraventions in terms of "posing threats against Lebanese people of forming a fait accompli government.
Summary: Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam intends to form a fait accompli government after intensive efforts failed to resolve the row over the rotation of key ministerial portfolios in a national unity Cabinet, political sources said Friday.
But Saddlers chairman Jeff Bonser today warned the required majority backing of the rule, which League chairman Lord Mawhinney wants implemented to force clubs to focus more on locally-based players, is far from a fait accompli.