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accompanied by

Joined by; presented along with. The slice of pie was accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My husband is sick, so I'll be accompanied by my son at the charity auction.
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accompany (one)

1. To travel with someone. This phrase can be used in reference to both people and things. While I enjoy spending time alone, I sometimes wish I had someone to accompany me on vacations. Pete's dog was more than happy to accompany him to the park. My cell phone always accompanies me when I leave the house.
2. To play a musical instrument in support of a featured band or performer. While her little sister played the flute, Sarah accompanied her on the clarinet. Will you accompany me on piano when I sing at the talent show?
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accompany (one) with

To play a musical instrument in support of a featured band or performer. I need someone to accompany me with piano when I sing at the talent show.
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accompanied by something

with something extra to go along with something else; with something to complement something else. Dessert was accompanied by a fine white wine.
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accompany someone on a journey

1. [for someone] to go with someone on a trip, journey, adventure, etc. Would you please accompany me on my next trip?
2. [for something] to be brought with someone on a trip, journey, etc. My cameras always accompany me on my travels.
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accompany someone on a musical instrument

to provide complementary instrumental music for someone's musical performance. Sally accompanied the singer on the piano.
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accompany someone with something

to use a particular musical instrument to play music that goes along with someone else's musical performance. She accompanied Mary with her flute.
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The foreign ministry was in a dither on what protocol to extend to the president's companion if Bruni, 39, accompanies him to India, known for its sexual conservatism.
She accompanied Zapata during the Mexican Revolution just as she accompanies her many believers today in their everyday struggles.
But there are also more intriguing montages of concept and image (a medieval castle accompanies "D is for Dream," while a public housing project with satellite dishes accompanies "H is for Home") that were probably not exactly what the creators of the poster had in mind, and in a subtle shift between 1970 and the present, "K is for Kids" is visualized by ultracontemporary, hyperactive kids lip-synching to music in a park.
A history of porcelain painting accompanies the values and survey of pieces available.
The childlike directness of these earnestly painted "copies" belies their hauntingly symbolic ethos, often underscored by a text that invariably accompanies each one: a color "Translation" of a black-and-white photo taken from a 1944 University of Montana yearbook, accompanied by excerpts from Popul Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Ancient Quiche Maya; the image from an article devoted to pumpkins in a government-issue horticulture brochure that Jess found on the sidewalk, accompanied by Abbe Noel Antoine Pluche's Histoire du ciel considere selon les idees des poetes, des philosophes, et de Moise (1748); or a souvenir postcard of Sarah Winchester, the eccentric widow of the rifle tycoon, accompanied by a Gaelic incantation.
A three-man security detail now accompanies the Lakers star in public.
An Acoustiguide audio tour featuring interviews with many of the artists in Contemporary Voices including Chuck Close, Elizabeth Murray, Jenny Holzer, and others, accompanies the exhibition.
It's hard to easily categorize this slim title: hobbyists will find here highly detailed models and a fine set of tips on Red Baron modeling; but it's the military buff who will best appreciate the vintage photos and history which accompanies the models in Lee Preston's The Red Baron (8496527-336, $24.
A centerfold of color photos accompanies the meat of the discussion: azalea varieties, propagation, and how nurseries are working to improve azaleas to regional gardening conditions.
A CD accompanies the 400-page illustrated catalogue, wholly unencumbered by text.
The orchestra accompanies La Danserie artists for this performance.
Click here to see the chart that accompanies this commentary: http://www.
Other members are Betty Lou Mayer, who often accompanies herself on the Omnichord, an electronic instrument about the size of an autoharp, George Peckham, Sandra Robb, Bob Sessina and Linda Smith.
At the Tampa intersection, the word ``only'' accompanies the two left turn arrows and the one right turn arrow while the straight arrow stands alone.
Hispanopack accompanies Hogarama and Mundo Deportivo magazines," explained Vincent J.