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accommodate (someone's) wishes

To alter or tailor a situation so as to specifically cater to the desires, preferences, or designs of another person or persons. The laws exist this way for a reason, and you can't expect us to change them simply to accommodate your wishes.
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accommodate (oneself) to

To assimilate or adjust to a new environment or a different set of rules or expectations. The new student struggled to accommodate himself to the new school and often got in trouble as a result. If you're going to live with us, you need to accommodate yourself to our rules.
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accommodate (one) with

To fulfill one's needs, often with special consideration after something has gone awry. Thankfully, the hotel was able to accommodate us with a non-smoking room after all. I was told there were no rentals left, but once I mentioned my famous father, the clerk was suddenly able to accommodate me with a luxury car.
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accommodate oneself to something

to adapt oneself to something, such as someone else's needs or a new environment. Please try to accommodate yourself to our routine.
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accommodate someone with something

to provide something special for someone; to do something that provides for someone's needs or desires. We will try to accommodate you with an earlier flight.
See also: accommodate
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With three-plus locations that evolved over time to accommodate newer technologies and additional services, such as genetic counseling, care in the MFM division was fractionalized.
Make certain elevators are sized to accommodate a stretcher and two to three attending staff.
Says Justin Harmon, director of University Communications for Wesleyan University (CT), "We accommodate students who are sight or hearing impaired; we know which facilities are best for them and place them accordingly.
The CHUB-E1 Chassis is designed to accommodate from 1 to 15 Networking, Telecommunication or Encryption modules from Engage Communication IPTube, IPExpress, BlackBond or BlackDoor product lines.
The lack of reliable mapping of existing underground electrical conduits and gas pipelines in the construction site has necessitated some delays while these utilities are relocated to accommodate footings and foundations.
Development of workspace standards for all staff positions which meet the needs of the workers, support new high-performance work processes, and accommodate advanced technology;
By enabling compressed VoIP over TDM using an IP media gateway, Veraz allows mobile operators to accommodate increased traffic on their existing TDM transmission links while avoiding the expenses of building a transmission network or leasing additional TDM transmission capacity.
To accommodate Basho Strategies' expanded workforce which has more than doubled in size, the new corporate headquarters will be home to the executive team, as well as the sales and marketing functions of the organization.
The system can also be joined together in several different configurations to accommodate the diverse array of activities that schools foster, from academics to arts to athletics.
TranTech's design incorporates a workflow process that is "officer friendly" and accommodates the CPD's standard operating procedures which mandate a design that:
amp; BANGALORE, India -- Covansys Corporation (NASDAQ:CVNS), a global consulting and technology services company, is proud to announce the opening of its new Global Development Center in Bangalore, India which will consolidate its current Bangalore centers to accommodate its rapidly growing offshore business.
The port currently is readying two new deepwater berths and an expanded turning basin and shipping channel to accommodate escalating ship traffic.
While other airports in the region may be constrained from growth, Ontario International is ready to accommodate a larger share of the total regional passenger and air cargo demand than it currently accommodates.
At a weight of only three pounds, this case accommodates notebooks with screen sizes up to 17 inches, and includes an adjustable divider to secure smaller notebooks.