acclimate to

acclimate (someone/something) to

To help a person or thing to adjust to a new environment, role, etc. I've been spending a lot of time at home, acclimating our new puppy to life with our family. It's difficult to acclimate that type of plant to a colder climate. We initially had to focus on acclimating our adopted daughter to life in this country.
See also: acclimate

acclimate someone (or an animal) to something

 and acclimatize someone or an animal to something
to cause a person or other living thing to become used to a different climate or environment. We will help acclimate Henry to the new building. We need to acclimatize the fish to the new aquarium.
See also: acclimate
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Acclimation to a given temperature, however, tends to show that larvae may acclimate to cold water.
Through five episodes, I was able to acclimate to the show's rhythms, and eventually so should viewers -- if, that is, they don't find it too awkward initially and tune out early.
This could be participating in a firm-sponsored community service event, such as Paint-the-Town or Adopt-a-Highway, or getting to know a new staff member who's not part of their department and helping him or her acclimate to the firm.
Given this information, there are two ways to proceed: either one takes these facts and attempts to account for our remarkable neglect, or else we ask ourselves to simply acclimate to the new facts.
Jackson suggested SDDC schedule routine training operations with Ready Reserve Force ships to better acclimate to the different ship designs.
Of heightened interest at the nursery is information and plants compatible with xerascaping and water conservation to help Utahns acclimate to a fourth year of drought.
However, this decline in business did not appear as a 'soft cloud' for brokers to gradually acclimate to the new condition.
Scientists have long known about some of the ways that people acclimate to hypoxic conditions as they spend more time at high altitudes.
She advises dance hopefuls to take African, hip-hop and belly dancing classes to help them acclimate to what she described as her "sexy hip-hop style.
cycling through 10 different frequencies, making it impossible for the deer to acclimate to the sound.
Reickgenannt admits she was homesick the first week she was in the United States and said she still misses her family, but she said the friendships she has made have helped her acclimate to her new environment.
An ability to acclimate to temperature change has been widely reported (Schulte 1975, Widdows et al.
The Pre-College Enrichment Program, a summer program for incoming UConn freshmen interested in the health professions that helps them acclimate to a college campus and strengthen their academic skills.
Just keep in mind that it can take several years for some plants to acclimate to your garden and really start to bloom.
It was easy for our physicians to acclimate to the new technology and they were quick to praise iMedica's additional services.