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*access to someone or something

permission to approach someone or something; the right to use someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Can you get access to a computer?
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The philosopher, the poet, or the religious man will of course wish to cast his vote with the democrat, for free-trade, for wide suffrage, for the abolition of legal cruelties in the penal code, and for facilitating in every manner the access of the young and the poor to the sources of wealth and power.
My question related to strangers who might have obtained access to the drawing-room--people calling, with her Ladyship's sanction, for subscriptions, for instance; or people calling with articles of dress or ornament to be submitted to her Ladyship's inspection.
Who, to our own certain knowledge, had access to the letter while it was unsealed?
They could no longer gain access to the active revolutionists, and the incipient ones, in Lower California.
There, an opening made for the purpose gave them access to the aluminum car.
And as if there were a special secret access to knowledge, which CHOKETH UP for those who learn anything, so do we believe in the people and in their "wisdom.
The short ladder, used for obtaining access to the trap-door
As to the manner in which he (or they) obtained access to the roof of the tavern, it is to be remarked that the third house, lower down in the street, was empty, and under repair--that a long ladder was left by the workmen, leading from the pavement to the top of the house-- and that, on returning to their work, on the morning of the 27th, the men found the plank which they had tied to the ladder, to prevent anyone from using it in their absence, removed, and lying on the ground.
When Mr Silas Wegg did at last obtain free access to 'Our House', as he had been wont to call the mansion outside which he had sat shelterless so long, and when he did at last find it in all particulars as different from his mental plans of it as according to the nature of things it well could be, that far-seeing and far-reaching character, by way of asserting himself and making out a case for compensation, affected to fall into a melancholy strain of musing over the mournful past; as if the house and he had had a fall in life together.
The Bower to be always free of access to Mr Venus for his researches, and every precaution to be taken against their attracting observation in the neighbourhood.
I can vouch for the accuracy of the subjoined account, for I have had access to Lestrade's note-book, in which the prisoner's words were taken down exactly as they were uttered.
By means of this I had access to at least one spot in this great city where I could rely upon being free from interruption.
In addition, ongoing support should be planned for troubleshooting problems that might arise and informing the access manager about changes in the computer system that might impact the custom workstation user.
By combining Lockdown Networks' Network Access Control (NAC) solutions with Network Access Protection, customers can enhance the accuracy and power of Network Access Protection decision-making through detailed knowledge of end-station device health and network-based enforcement.
This market offers the greatest growth opportunities for broadband services, as small- and medium-sized building owners and hotels catering to the business traveler are finding that providing high-speed broadband access is a competitive necessity.