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accept (something) as

1. To take or recognize something as performing a certain function, such as being a form of payment. I accept your offer to fix my car as reimbursement for the money you owe me. Please accept these flowers as my apology.
2. To acknowledge something as existing in a certain state, such as being true. If he ever wants this situation resolved, he needs to accept Mary's story as the truth. You need to accept this as reality, and move on.
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accept (something) as gospel

To believe that something is absolutely true without any hesitation or reservations. When we're growing up, we accept what our parents tell us as gospel. The beloved professor's opinions on the subject are accepted as gospel by his students.
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accept someone as something

to consent to receive or consider someone as a particular type of person or a person who can serve a particular role. Sally finally accepted herself as the only possible peacemaker in the dispute.
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accept something as something

1. to agree that something will serve in payment of a debt or in return for something. This receipt shows that we have accepted your money as payment on your debt. This money has been accepted as reimbursement for the expenditure.
2. to resign [oneself] to something that cannot be changed. I must accept what you say as the final decision.
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I can accept that.

Inf. I accept your evaluation as valid. Bob: Now, you'll probably like doing the other job much better. It doesn't call for you to do the things you don't do well. Tom: I can accept that. Sue: On your evaluation this time, I noted that you need to work on telephone manners a little bit. Bill: I can accept that.
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I can't accept that.

Inf. I do not believe what you said.; I reject what you said. Sue: The mechanic says we need a whole new engine. John: What? I can't accept that! Tom: You're now going to work on the night shift. You don't seem to be able to get along with some of the people on the day shift. Bob: I can't accept that. It's them, not me.
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receive something from some place

to get and accept something from some place. I just received a letter from Budapest! Mary received a package from Japan.
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accept a wooden nickel

be fooled or swindled. US
A wooden nickel is a worthless or counterfeit coin.
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An offer is considered pending from the date the IRS executes the form 656 accepting the taxpayer's waiver of the statutory period of limitations and remains pending until the offer is accepted, rejected or withdrawn.
By accepting assignment, CCFlorida agrees to accept as payment only what Medicare Part B sets as an "approved amount" for covered procedures.
Bank of America spokesman Ken Preston said that the company may consider accepting ID cards from other countries, depending on the outcome of the matricula pilot program.
For a list of DMV field offices accepting ATM/debit card transactions, visit the DMV Web site: www.
Accepting the award, sports information director Don Gilmore:
We qualified Magma's Blast Create by accepting multiple test cases synthesized by Magma, and successfully transferred them into our ASIC design system," said Maurice Kinney, synthesis methodology engineer at the IBM Technology Group.
The Salvation Army announced Monday that it will begin accepting baby food, bottled water and other items at its facilities throughout Southern California.
Holders of Fila American Depositary Shares may also accept the offer by following the procedures for book-entry transfer described in the Offer to Purchase under "THE TENDER OFFER -- Section 3 PROCEDURES FOR ACCEPTING THE OFFER AND TENDERING FILA ADSs.
If the landfill is to accept sludge, the citizens group wants to make sure that Lancaster is not accepting wastes from other areas.
Holders of Fila American Depositary Shares may also accept the offer by following the procedures for book-entry transfer or for guaranteed delivery described in the Offer to Purchase under "THE TENDER OFFER -- Section 3 PROCEDURES FOR ACCEPTING THE OFFER AND TENDERING FILA ADSs.
Other findings include non- senior management employees who were in violation of ethics policies for accepting gifts in the form of meals and one employee who was found to be conducting personal business during state time.
e-Commerce Cubed (EC3), an online payment solutions provider, announced that Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, a network marketing company, has purchased and implemented its e-ValuCheck(R) product to offer its customers the option and convenience of accepting checks via the Internet.
Wal-Mart and other retailers, who have made billions of dollars in sales on MasterCard debit and credit cards, now claim that accepting those cards cost them billions of dollars.
Specifically, accepting payment cards can increase the profits by cutting the expenses for many of Visa's quick service restaurant partners.
The Newmont shares issued to accepting shareholders (other than those with registered addresses in the United States of America and Canada) will be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in the form of CHESS Depositary Interests (CDI's) each representing one tenth of a Newmont share.