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accede to pressure

To bow down or yield to pressure from an outside force, especially as regards a political, business, or military action or decision. Congress was forced to accede to pressure from the public and abandon its proposal to increase taxes.
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accede to

1. To agree to a set of terms, conditions, or demands. The government will not accede to the terrorist's demands.
2. To begin serving in a position of authority or in an official capacity. Come January, he will accede to the office of governor.
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accede to something

1. to agree to the terms or demands that someone has stated. We cannot accede to your demands.
2. to assume a position of power or authority; to begin serving in one's official capacity. She acceded to the office of mayor in January.
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The AMSA has published warnings to trainees about the practice and has gone so far as to advise trainees (both medical students and residents) not to accede to a demand by medical educators to submit on record to psychiatric intervention.
It's quite possible," accedes Brookhaven's Thomas W.
The nefarious Scarpia reveals that he has imprisoned and tortured him and will free him only if Tosca accedes to his wishes.
mission is to give the public an opportunity to invest in a company that will lead the way in developing international trade and investment opportunities with the People's Republic of China as it achieves Permanent Normal Trading Relations with the United States and accedes to the World Trade Organization.