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Not too well known is the behind- the- scenes role the Sardar played in pushing J& K to accede to India through the Prime Minister of the state, Mehr Chand Mahajan.
PCHR calls upon the Palestinian leadership to reject the Israeli and international pressure and immediately accede to all international instruments and mechanisms related to the protection of human rights in times of war and peace, especially the Rome Statute, in order to guarantee the achievement of justice and remedy for all Palestinian victims, against whom Israeli forces committed crimes, and to end impunity, which Israeli criminals enjoy.
3) The accession to the debt to the Employer - under a contract concluded by accede to the debt specified in the contract by the Purchaser in the amount of 20 000 000 PLN and agrees to be jointly and severally with the debtor, ie the Employer to repay it to the creditor - only in terms of the amount of the invoice .
At the general discussion of the United Nations Disarmament Commission (UNDC), Egyptian Ambassador to the UN, Moataz Ahmadein Khalil, denounced on behalf of the Arab Group the Israeli refusal to accede to the Treaty.
ASEAN foreign ministers are to adopt new guidelines for accession to the treaty during their meeting in Thailand, including a plan to introduce a ''flexible moratorium'' on partners that wish to join, fearing that letting more countries accede to the treaty might slow down the decision process.
Her only motive was a sense of duty, for as a wife she believed herself bound to accede to her husband's wishes.
Foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on Thursday welcomed France's willingness to accede to ASEAN's nonaggression pact known as the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation.
The council has spoken clearly with this 13-2 vote, and I'm going to accede to the will of the council.
The bank's statement comes after the accession to the treaty by Malaysia, as Malaysia became the required eighth country to ratify or accede to the treaty and the related aircraft protocol.
People who wish to honour an individual often set aside personal preferences to accede to the family's desires.
However, Eriksson's willingness to accede to a request from the Manchester United boss is likely to frustrate other managers.
The second volume in Beaties' superbly written "The Army Of The Potomac" series, The Army Of The Potomac: McClellan Takes Command, September 1861-February 1862 cogently addresses such issues as why McClellan deserves a great deal more credit than his is traditionally accorded for building the Union army; how McClellan tried to improve his communication difficulties and accede to the wishes of President Lincoln; why the inter of 1861-1862 (the worst in forty years) and his nearly lethal case of typhoid fever had such a profound impact on McClellan's actions.
Brigadier General Ralph James of the Air Corp said: "We are pleased to be able to accede to the request of the RAF Association and honour this exceptional airman.
Militant groups there have repeatedly taken foreign contractors hostage, threatening to kill them if their governments did not pull their troops out or accede to other demands.
As one of the 40 designers/researchers included in the book, Rachel Strickland, writes, "As designers operating in corporate culture, we are bound in our education and practice to accede to the tenets of capitalism.