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the groves of academe

Institutions of higher learning, such as colleges and universities, or higher learning in general. I've spent my whole career in the groves of academe, so transitioning to the corporate sector will be difficult.
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groves of Academe

the academic community. literary
This phrase alludes to the Roman poet Horace's Epistles, in which he says: Atque inter silvas Academi quaerere verum ‘and seek for truth in the groves of Academe’. The Academia was a grove near ancient Athens where a number of philosophers, Plato among them, taught their pupils.
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Such conversations and analyses come closest to unpacking how Latinas experience the tensions between subordination, self-determination, and identity that can get in the way of their achieving authenticity within academe.
Rather, the authors demonstrate the detailed functioning of government, industry, and academe in an aerospace case study in which McDonald was a first-person participant.
Bollinger (2003), the reasoning has been that, without diversity, academe cannot achieve its goals of inculcating American values and preparing students for leadership at home and abroad.
Then other women tell their stories of a tenured Latina professor, three African American junior faculty, the culture of racism in higher education, two sisters navigating identity and discourse at public and private White institutions, and challenges and opportunities of critical cultural feminist leadership in academe.
McIntosh is no stranger to academe, having rebuilt the University of Western Ontario's opera program in the 1990s (he was succeeded there by baritone Theodore Baerg) and then taught at Rutgers University in the U.
AUSPICIOUS beginnings are also being sought in the world of academe, where more students from afar are bidding to enrol in the region's universities.
The Mohammed Bin Rashid Program for Leadership Development (MBRPLD), an innovative leadership program aimed at developing national leaders who are willing and able to promote the sustainable development of the UAE, has announced that it has recently conducted a series of meetings with top executives from the academe, business and governmental institutions in the USA.
The number of accountants in public practice, industry and commerce, government and academe that are represented by the International Federation of Accountants.
In introducing 13 chapters by international experts from academe and the pharmaceutical industry, Polosa (internal and respiratory medicine, U.
Meehan, who's leaving the politics of Congress for those of academe, cannot use his huge $5.
As Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies began to take their place in the academe in the fall of 1969, additional Chinese American historical societies, museums, and organizations began to emerge throughout the country.
This special issue on innovation contains six selected papers from industry and six from academe.
Iaith's research unit has also undertaken pioneering studies for a variety of clients over the years, both in the public sector and in academe.
Gordon's otherwise cogent chapter on "The Career Challenge," underestimates the demand in academe for those who can relate music to literature, film and other branches of the humanities.