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abut on something

[particularly of the edge of an area of land] to meet or touch something along one boundary or at one point. Our land abuts on the shopping center's parking lot.
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abut (up) against something

to rest firmly against something solid. The end of the board abutted against the foundation.
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References in classic literature ?
I walked round the corner, saw the City and Suburban Bank abutted on our friend's premises, and felt that I had solved my problem.
I followed the wall right round to the point at which it abutted on the tower that immured my love; the height never varied; nor could my hands or eyes discover a single foot-hole, ledge, or other means of mounting to the top.
Fouquet was made to wait for a moment on the terrace of which we have spoken, - a terrace which abutted on the little corridor, at the end of which the cabinet of the king was located.
It would have been very helpful to us could we have made friends with them, as their country abutted directly upon that of the Galus.
The dressing-room she had left abutted upon one corner of the ring.
The cottage that abutted on the churchyard was empty, and no other house stood near.
For example, it might have said: "Where such street walls are abutted on both sides by existing buildings .