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abstract idea

An idea or thought that is intangible or outside the constraints or possibilities of the real world. Some regard love as but an abstract idea, as it is impossible to define what makes love real.
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abstract (something) from

1. To take something without permission. Despite all of the company's security measures, hackers abstracted classified information from the server.
2. To extract key information from a longer document or text. I had to abstract all of the relevant information from that lengthy report and then present it to management.
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abstract something from someone or something

to steal something from someone or something. (Formal.) The officer was found guilty of abstracting a rather large amount of money from the company.
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abstract something from something

to take the important information from a longer document; to extract the essentials or the gist from a piece of complicated writing. Can you abstract a shorter article from this material?
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in the abstract

In a way that is conceptual or theoretical, as opposed to actual or empirical.
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Abstract submissions must be no longer than 250 words and include learning objectives.
Presenters will be notified by June 2 if their abstract has been accepted.
Authors, especially when tempted to cite an article only on the basis of an abstract, need to be aware that abstracts come with limitations and deficits.
First, decisions about the relative merits of abstracts (that is, abstract ratings) are made by different reviewers with very different rating propensities.
There would be no pressure to look through any particular list of new articles or other Web pages (unless an expert or team agreed, for example, to scan the titles and abstracts of all new articles coming out in certain journals, or to moderate a calendar of events).
In: Program and abstracts of the 1st IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment; July 7-11, 2001; Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Abstracts not chosen for presentation may still be published by ACPE.
DOT & E invites abstract submissions on topics that address current DOT & E issues.
Each call for abstracts identifies certain criteria for acceptance.
There are a few differences among journal abstracts, such as typographical features, length (generally a 100-to-250-word range), and internal format (e.
The database, which is accessible through NADCA's website, allows visitors to search for abstracts by key words, authors or titles.
Thus, it is of fundamental importance that data reported in abstracts are consistent with those reported in the body of the article.
Several abstracts at the workshop presented data on a few potentially novel therapies.
The Rapra Abstracts database is an effective tool in locating information on all the above topics.