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abstain from something

to avoid some activity or the use of some substance, such as alcohol, drugs, sex, or food. They abstained from hard liquor and any other kind of intoxicants.
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abstain from voting

to choose not to vote either for or against a proposition or nominee. I will have to abstain from voting since I cannot make up my mind.
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abstain from

To have made a deliberate choice not to do something: I abstained from eating fatty foods when I was on my diet. The minister abstained from drinking alcohol.
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org, you will receive a free Certificate of Membership and Abstainers 0% Logo Lapel Pin.
The researchers' hypothesized high-risk drinkers would assess the messages less favorably than the abstainers or social drinkers, while females would rate the messages more positively than males.
The results in Table 1 indicate that attending a college that is located in a neighborhood with more than two bars has no significant effect on the probability that students make the transition from abstainer to moderate drinker or moderate drinker to heavy drinker if there is no ban on drinking on campus.
The fourth a priori cluster was abstainers, defined as individuals who reported never having had sexual intercourse and never having used cigarettes, alcohol or illicit drugs.
Further complicating the putative association between drinkers and abstainers is the issue that abstainers include never drinkers and former drinkers, and these two groups are very different.
Researchers found personality differences between those individuals considered abstainers and all others (users) for alcohol and other substances (Mayer, 1988; Masse & Tremblay, 1997; Jackson, 1997).
Frequent users were younger than experimenters, and female experimenters were younger than female abstainers when they lost their virginity [F(2, 751) = 28.
NOTE: Rates of MFPV were much higher among rates who reported drinking five or more drinks per occasion at least once per week than among abstainers.
Consequently, short-term recall measures may overestimate the proportion of abstainers compared with other survey methods.
Ex-drinkers and never drinkers were included in the abstainer group.
Another interesting abstainer is lobbying outfit ProShare.
It's nice to know I'm not the only showbiz abstainer - Linda and Toyah yesterday confessed they have never touched drugs.
Subjects were placed into one of six groups: former drinkers, abstainers, drinkers of fewer than 7 drinks per week, drinkers of 7-14 drinks per week, drinkers of 14-21 drinks per week, and those who had 21 or more drinks per week.
The study also found that, compared to the nonabstainers, abstainers using either bupropion or varenicline experienced lower levels of sadness but, in terms of overall depressive symptoms, the varenicline group fared much better.
Abstainers could inform the authorities that they did not wish to vote or turn up at a polling station but decline to cast a ballot, he said.