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abstain from something

to avoid some activity or the use of some substance, such as alcohol, drugs, sex, or food. They abstained from hard liquor and any other kind of intoxicants.
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abstain from voting

to choose not to vote either for or against a proposition or nominee. I will have to abstain from voting since I cannot make up my mind.
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abstain from

To have made a deliberate choice not to do something: I abstained from eating fatty foods when I was on my diet. The minister abstained from drinking alcohol.
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She is forced, therefore, to abstain from selling until the earnings are released.
However, the findings suggest that adolescents choose to abstain from sex for a variety of reasons, and that sexually inexperienced and sexually experienced adolescents cite similar reasons for choosing abstinence, they said.
The group is also advising members to abstain from re-electing non-executive director David Benson, who also sits on the remuneration committee.
A spokesman for NAPF said it had asked shareholders to abstain after being approached by transport firm Arriva.
This incident, which on the face of it did not reflect well on the abstinence approach, did not get anything like the attention attracted by Kishline's crash, which was widely cited as evidence that alcoholics cannot learn to moderate their drinking and so must abstain.
As Swiss law makes clear, directors must abstain from voting on matters with respect to which they are conflicted.
The party leaders attributed Mamata's decision to abstain to the Congress floor managers not informing her that the bill was being put to vote on Tuesday.
South Africa, which has normally been quite supportive of Iran over the years, chose to abstain this time.
Former Labour aide Derek Draper had urged the party's supporters in marginal seats to abstain or back someone else in the election so Labour's majority would be cut to 40 or 50.
The director of a group that advocates comprehensive sex education comments that "just telling kids to abstain doesn't meet their needs.
George Trask, a Massachusetts minister who founded the American Anti-Tobacco Society in 1850, visited schools around the country and urged young people to take the Band of Hope pledge: "I hereby solemnly promise to abstain from the use of all Intoxicating Liquors as a beverage; I also promise to abstain from the use of Tobacco in all forms, and all Profane Language.
Many such drug abusers consume several types of substances, and few abstain from alcohol, Uhl's group notes.
To conduct the research, lead author Bidwell, senior author Colby, and their team measured a variety of psychological effects on 96 teens aged 13 to 19 in three experimental groups: 22 nonsmokers, 47 smokers whom they asked to abstain for almost a full day, and 27 smokers whom they allowed to continue smoking.
All three could find themselves in danger if Glazer votes against them and, more crucially, if other major United shareholders John Magnier and JP McManus join him or abstain from the vote.