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absolve from guilt

To consider innocent, clear of all suspicion, or pardon from any cause of guilt. The knights of the crusades committed many atrocities in their campaign, but they were absolved from guilt by the heads of the church.
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absolved from guilt

Considered innocent, cleared of all suspicion, or pardoned from any cause of guilt. The knights of the crusades committed many atrocities in their campaign, but they were regarded as absolved from guilt because of their religious patronage.
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absolve someone from something

 and absolve someone of something
to prove that an accused person is innocent of something; to demonstrate that someone is not responsible for something. Bob attempted to absolve himself of the crime.
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He added that "although [Jackson] has been absolved by the courts," referring to Jackson's recent trial for child sex abuse, it was clear that his image "cannot be put alongside that of the pope.
The indulgences carry the name of the purchaser as well as a dollar amount certifying that their guilt for having purchased items elsewhere is officially absolved.
The seven teams who failed to race at Indianapolis last month have been absolved of blame by world governing body the FIA.
The jury later found in M's favor and absolved him of all liabilities.
It's doubtful that an American writer who took a similar attitude toward the lynchings in the South would be absolved of the taint of racism.
In December, the province's Court of Appeal ruled that the federal government is fully liable for abuse suffered by students at Indian residential schools; it absolved the United Church of Canada of any financial responsibility.
The text, according to one commentator (Leon de Poncins, 1967), "practically absolved the Jews of all responsibility for the death of Christ.
Ironically, the United States itself isn't absolved of guilt: an estimated eight hundred thousand to nine hundred thousand people are trafficked annually across international borders worldwide, with eighteen thousand to twenty thousand winding up in the United States.
Mariotto Cellesi was absolved, and his old father, Captain Lanfredino, banished the wayward Chiara from the family compound.
A federal appellate court has ruled that an employee who makes false statements about an employer cannot be absolved of responsibility by claiming that he or she was engaged in protected union activity, even if the comments are not made maliciously.
Nonetheless, he cannot be absolved of the public's suspicion.
The jockey, who was absolved of blame, said: "I will have no trouble doing 8st 8lb in future, but I haven't ridden since the International meeting here in December and I'm 8st 13lb at the moment.
Which of course would mean that Man, science, the Government and anyone else who's had a finger pointed at them over the catastrophic spread of this disease could be absolved of all responsibility.
Since tax laws generally exempt the first $625,000 of assets, heirs receiving easement-restricted property may find that they are absolved from an estate tax altogether.