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absolve from guilt

To consider innocent, clear of all suspicion, or pardon from any cause of guilt. The knights of the crusades committed many atrocities in their campaign, but they were absolved from guilt by the heads of the church.
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absolved from guilt

Considered innocent, cleared of all suspicion, or pardoned from any cause of guilt. The knights of the crusades committed many atrocities in their campaign, but they were regarded as absolved from guilt because of their religious patronage.
See also: absolve, guilt

absolve someone from something

 and absolve someone of something
to prove that an accused person is innocent of something; to demonstrate that someone is not responsible for something. Bob attempted to absolve himself of the crime.
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ABSOLVE YOURSELF Allow yourself one "fakeaway" a week - that's a supermarket version which shows the calorie content.
law-enforcement agencies of pointing the finger at bin Laden to absolve themselves of the failure in their intelligence work.
The court ordered the execution to be carried out in front of the victim's blood kins -- the parents -- who refused to absolve the killer and insisted on a retribution (or eye-for-eye punishment).
In a sense I think, and I am sure the Dowlers feel the same, that no amount of money can absolve people for what they did.
The indulgence certificate absolves them of the guilt of their past purchases.
He ordered them to absolve those who contracepted "in good faith.
But it's usually employed by conservatives--of all races--attempting to down-play the impact of racism, or black people cynically seeking to absolve themselves of social responsibility (read: Bob Johnson).
the BLA did not absolve Schneider of its legal obligation).
Murphy was hurt following a clash with Kevin Campbell but he was quick to absolve the Everton striker of any blame.
But being gay doesn't absolve any of us from the normal duties of citizenship.
In his time in office, Burden has made great strides in improving the force and is obviously confident that an inquiry will not only absolve his men and women but put the seal of approval on his reforms.
In the July 2 decision, the Court of Appeals found that the woman's failure to look through a peephole before opening the door to her assailant did not absolve the landlord of responsibility.
There is not even a nod to artists who work against the grain of consensus, or withhold themselves from the "art world," and, as if to absolve himself from charges of bias (which is to say, passion) Sandler stresses that he is only telling us of what turned up; what exercised the denizens of the art world in which he subsists.
In ruling that the plaintiffs could proceed with their claim against the firm, the court said the plaintiffs' list of red flags made it dear that a reasonable auditor would have realized the disputed transactions demanded specific inquiry The retraction of the opinion did not absolve the auditor of responsibility for the opinion when it was issued.
That Inman didn't stoop to requesting a lighter sentence for his buddy James Guerin seems to be a bonus in Nelan's eyes--enough to absolve the journalist from asking other questions, such as: what was Bobby Ray Inman doing hanging around with Guerin, who both violated the arms embargo against South Africa and bilked the U.