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abscond with someone or something

to steal or run away with someone or something; to make off with someone or something in secret. The boys absconded with all the dessert.
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While we give them a break to enjoy their holidays, the workers prefer to abscond," Khalfan said.
And she added: "You chose to ditch relocation, you have personally made it easier for people to abscond.
Over 96 per cent who abscond are recaptured and returned to custody.
Many of the housemaids who abscond do not have proper visas.
He advised employers to deal with their employees in a humane way so that they don't abscond.
The Sharjah Police have arrested an Afghan who allegedly helped a maid abscond from her Emirati sponsors in Al Dhaid in Sharjah.
Police have arrested a man accused of persuading housemaids to abscond from their employer and to go to work for him instead.
It's stupid that he would abscond after having served three years already, as now he'll end up suffering more in the long run.
A Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said: "Every abscond is reported to police and 96 per cent are recaptured.
1) Go to any Tasheel Centre and get the electronic abscond application form.
He added that such a regulation might encourage more expat workers to abscond.
Police were today still hunting a robber who is the latest criminal to abscond from a controversial open prison in South Wales.
This is in order to review their security category due to the current high abscond level at Ford amongst this group of prisoners.
Over 96% of prisoners who do abscond are re-captured and returned to custody.