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Having adopted both the patron's selfishness and the assumptions about time and sublimation that lie behind it, the narrator goes about gathering material for his symphony in a way that consistently strives to transform collective expression into individual expression.
Ragtime temporality is not reducible to African time, but the opposition between what Adorno describes and Mbiti's description of African time-conceptions is illustrative of the divergence between the impetus of the narrator's ragtime and the ideas about time that the narrator adopts from his patron.
The real question about time travel may not be whether it's possible--but just why it's such a popular notion.
Rather, the concept of the decade represents thinking about time in a punctuated, discontinuous manner.
In his early work, Public Opinion, Lippmann demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of temporal nuances, observing that "A presumption about time enters widely into our opinions.
New Plush Toy Makes Learning About Time Easy and Fun for Children
This press release contains certain forward-looking statements about Time Domain and the capability of its technology and chipsets that are intended to qualify for the safe-harbor from liability provided by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and other state and federal laws.
This press release includes certain "forward-looking statements" about Time Warner Inc.