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abound in

To be abundant or plentiful with. In the spring, the fields abound in blooming tulips.
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abound with

To be abundant or plentiful with. The world abounds with criminals and scam artists looking to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. In the spring, the fields abound with blooming tulips.
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abound in something

to be rich and abundant in something; to have plenty of something. (A bit formal.) The entire area abounds in game and fish.
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abound with someone or something

to be plentiful with particular persons, other living beings, or objects. The world abounds with talented people who are too shy to develop their talents.
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abound with

or abound in
To be brimming with something plentiful: The lake by the cabin abounds with fish.The quaint villa abounded with charm.
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Happiness Abounds - Studies have shown that people with insomnia suffer from more symptoms of anxiety and depression than people without insomnia.
In Nerds (Turkish for "breath"), Bausch channels impressions of Istanbul, a place where opposites converge--ancient meets modern, East meets West--and political upheaval abounds.
Humor abounds in a guide covering how to gain romance despite handling a small amorous dog in traffic, and more.
CHARLESTON, on the coast of South Carolina, USA, abounds with Southern charm.
Sea life abounds as you paddle through the secluded coves, fjords, and bays that riddle the sound.
Dogville abounds with references to art from the interwar years--even aside from the character of Tom, von Trier's parody of a Depression-era writer obsessed with "illustrating" profound moral truths about Man.
Human caring abounds with tall tales that lead the barflies to throw their glasses into the fireplace as a tribute to the acceptance of this bizarre blend of aliens, humans, time travelers, and even a talking dog.
Ignorance of long-term care financing options still abounds, however, as highlighted by the ASA survey.
In general, Parks noted that he is pretty pessimistic about the real estate market in the short-term, since sublease space still abounds and buyers are pickier about asset value and placement value of available properties.
In a review of the research literature, evidence of health benefits from "contact with nature" abounds, both of tangible benefits such as quicker recovery from illness and less depression, and intangible benefits such as increased well-being.
Poetry abounds on almost every page, either from the author herself or taken from favorite selections of other poets.
The best stylistic analyses, such as the article on Inferno 17, show how Dante's use of rhetorical devices enhances his meaning; weaker ones, such as the lectura on Inferno 12, do little more than note that the canto abounds in "odd" and "harsh" rhymes, an observation that leads to the rather insipid conclusion that Dante's language is "expressive.
Tax advice abounds this time of year but sometimes even that's difficult to decipher.
This sumptuously illustrated, elegantly designed history of the organization's first two decades is a bit short on text, but the book abounds in visual allure.