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abound in

To be abundant or plentiful with. In the spring, the fields abound in blooming tulips.
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abound with

To be abundant or plentiful with. The world abounds with criminals and scam artists looking to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. In the spring, the fields abound with blooming tulips.
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abound in something

to be rich and abundant in something; to have plenty of something. (A bit formal.) The entire area abounds in game and fish.
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abound with someone or something

to be plentiful with particular persons, other living beings, or objects. The world abounds with talented people who are too shy to develop their talents.
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abound with

or abound in
To be brimming with something plentiful: The lake by the cabin abounds with fish.The quaint villa abounded with charm.
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References in classic literature ?
A town where such monsters abounded was hardly more than a sort of low comedy, which could not be taken account of in a well-bred scheme of the universe.
Perhaps because he knew he had no accent worth speaking of, or perhaps because he did not want the bother of imparting it, he never would keep any of the engagements he made with me, and when we did meet he so abounded in excuses and subterfuges that he finally escaped me, and I was left to acquire an Italian accent of French in Venice seven or eight years later.
So they said good-bye to the Pumpkinhead and resumed their travels, heading now directly toward the South Country, where mountains and rocks and caverns and forests of great trees abounded.
Chinese and Japanese shops and dens abounded, all confusedly intermingled with low white resorts and boozing dens.
The weather for some days previously had been calm, and the ocean abounded, to an unusual degree, with living creatures.
Manhattan had no shortage of wildlife, Couturier writes, but even more abounded at her home along the Potomac River outside Washington, D.
Talk abounded but few significant gains in social policy appeared.
Fulford is not surprised by the revival of anti-semitism, but points out that, from a historical perspective, it pales in comparison with government, private sector and "big name" Jew-hatred that abounded 80 years ago.
Dogville's visual emphasis on the fact of its having been shot on a soundstage brings to mind film and film criticism of the '30s, when the "talkie," with its unwieldy new technology, made location work difficult and fears of regression to an "unfilmic," theatrical approach abounded among the more "advanced" critics.
Presentation systems abounded at Educause 2002, and our judges noted their versatility and usefulness in the classroom setting.
Just as dramatic is the resurgence of the Westhampton marketplace, where multi-million dollar sales abounded during the first quarter--a total of 16 compared to seven a year earlier.
Opportunities abounded for conference attendees to share legislative concerns with senators and representatives.
There was no Ventura Freeway or traffic jams or endless tracts of houses, but groves and walnut groves abounded and Sun Valley was known as Roscoe.