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take up one's abode

some place to make some place one's home. I am going to take up my abode in a different city. I will take up my abode in this place and hope to find a job close by.
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humble abode

A self-deprecating way to refer to one's home. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is the source: the insufferable Mr. Collins refers to his patroness Lady Catherine de Burgh with “The garden in which stands my humble abode is separated only by a lane from Rosings Park, her ladyship's residence'' and “But she is perfectly amiable, and often condescends to drive by my humble abode in her little phaeton and ponies.''
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Just as I was opening the outer door, I remembered the twenty francs which I had not restored; I paused: impossible to carry them away with me; difficult to force them back on their original owner; I had now seen her in her own humble abode, witnessed the dignity of her poverty, the pride of order, the fastidious care of conservatism, obvious in the arrangement and economy of her little home; I was sure she would not suffer herself to be excused paying her debts; I was certain the favour of indemnity would be accepted from no hand, perhaps least of all from mine: yet these four five-franc pieces were a burden to my self-respect, and I must get rid of them.
One day, when my father had gone by himself to Milan, my mother, accompanied by me, visited this abode.
Pardon me, sir,' returned Mrs Wilfer, correcting him, 'it is the abode of conscious though independent Poverty.
This proposition was at once accepted, and in three days' time they were all located in their new abode, when Mr.
And he went quickly to the abodes of the deathless gods, carrying the son wrapped in warm skins of mountain hares, and set him down beside Zeus and showed him to the rest of the gods.
MIRPUR -- The poor quality construction of the development works in New Mirpur city, the alternative abode exclusively meant for housing the families falling displaced due to the recent raising of Mangla dam was surfaced following the recent heavy rainfall in the city.
Serving prisoners Lee Halpin, 29, of Beams Close, Edge Hill; Andrew Worrall, 29, of Abergale Road, Old Swan; Kevin McGarry, 25, and Anthony Smith, 35, of no fixed abode, were also charged in connection with to the operation.
SIR - I read with interest Sion Barry's article, "Google, YouTube, Microsoft and Abode just some of the big names at Wales's leading technology event Oi' 15"; Walesonline, April 1, 2015.
Series 15 kicked off with the in have the Series 15 kicked off with the out-spoken Katie Hopkins first in the fairytalethemed reunion is reunion is guest guest beat abode.
Meanwhile, there are ructions in the Platt abode although, let's face it, when aren't there ructions in the Platt abode?
1 thousand) for the development of a hostel for persons of no fixed abode, according to the session held on November 27.
The new range - named Abode - features distinctly modern designs for those seeking a different kind of living to the more traditionally styled homes for which Redrow is perhaps best known.
BASED boutique estate agency Abode is celebrating a second successful year after setting up its business in the middle of a static property market.
PRAKRITI ka prakop hai, Bhagwan ka krodh hai, sab nasht ho gaya ( It is the wrath of nature and anger of God, everything has been destroyed)," Vageeshling, the 32- year- old chief priest of the Kedarnath shrine, told Mail Today from the winter abode of the Lord at Ukhimath.
Hong Kong: Hong Kong's top court on Tuesday began hearing a challenge to the right of abode law in a long-running case that could pave the way for thousands of foreign maids to claim residency in the city.