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Roberson currently serves on the Board of Directors of two public companies: Priority Healthcare Corporation (Nasdaq:PHCC) and Ablest, Inc.
In connection with the proposed transaction, a proxy statement of Ablest Inc.
As a 1970 Department publication put it, "Our ablest and most energetic officers literally seek out opportunities to report.
Heist, Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, Ablest Inc.
Moore, president and chief executive officer, said, "John's extensive service organization leadership will serve us well as Ablest continues to expand and grow our branch office network and geographic reach.
He went on to say, "The IRS adjustment, resulting from the 2000 disposition of our industrial maintenance company, affected net income, but it doesn't detract from the solid performance posted by our talented Ablest team.
Our associates' hard work and commitment to the Ablest business model are creating results which allow us to move forward with our expansion plans.
These systems should enable Ablest to fully integrate field data with its corporate reporting tools.
Nolan has led Ablest to best-of-breed concepts, systems and technology in many facets of human resources.
Even in the jokes there was evidence of change, and in the general turmoil South Walians wandered and scattered, very often settled elsewhere, the ablest generally leaving home.
As a go-to option, the Stoke striker has attitude, enthusiasm and an aerial capability designed to worry the ablest of defenders.
Kissinger is, of course, one of the best known and ablest proponents of realpolitik, what Wikipedia defines as ".
This is an important race as we have lost one of the ablest state representatives in John Binienda, who we all knew was heavily involved in constituent services.
she is the ablest person I have ever known in public life.