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abet (someone) in

To help someone in an activity, usually an illegal one. If you drove the robber's getaway car, then you abetted him in a crime! Everyone thinks you abetted Connie in starting this rumor.
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aid and abet

To assist someone, usually in a mischievous or illegal activity. Gary was arrested and charged with aiding and abetting the jewelry thief. I know other kids aided and abetted Paul in egging our house—he's just the only one who got caught.
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abet someone in something

to help someone in some deed; to help someone do something illegal. Surely you do not expect me to abet you in this crime!
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aid and abet someone

Cliché to help someone; to incite someone to do something, possibly something that is wrong. (Originally a legal phrase.) He was scolded for aiding and abetting the boys who were fighting.
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aid and abet

If someone aids and abets another person, they help or encourage them to do something criminal or wrong. His wife was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for aiding and abetting him. Note: This expression is often used in legal contexts.
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aid and abet

help and encourage someone to do something wrong, especially to commit a crime.
Abet comes from an Old French term meaning ‘to encourage a hound to bite’.
1986 Frank Peretti This Present Darkness She strained to think of…any friend who would still aid and abet a fugitive from the law, without questions.
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The CAAF precedent does not require that an aider and abettor possess the same specific intent as the perpetrator.
whether or not such material is constitutionally protected", Google could be charged criminally as an aider and abettor of child pornography.
The IHC further in its order directed the investigation agency or JIT whatever would be assigned by federal government for the re-investigation on the role of abettors would not be influenced by such observation made in the impugned order of Special Court.
First Interstate Bank of Denver ended aider and abettor liability lawsuits by investors and other private parties under section 10B of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934.
Espinoza was sentenced in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday to six years and four months in prison after pleading no contest to assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, being an accessory after the fact for murder, and possession of a firearm as an aider and abettor.
Nor did the court find Peat acted as aider and abettor of the fraud.
Justice Ahmadi explained that there was no vicarious liability concept in criminal law except that "if there is an abetment, the abettor may be joined with the principal offender.
After the preliminarily inquiry, within two days, we will register an FIR case against Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna, the abettor of the Lakme Fashion Week show and the top management of the Grand Hyatt.
Esteban Torres - an unabashed abettor of the subway madness who to this day wants a subway to East L.
A one judge bench of Justice Athar Minallah resumed hearing of identical petitions filed by former Prime Minister (PM) Shaukat Aziz, former Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar and former Law Minister Zahid Hamid challenging SC order in which the government was ordered to take their names as abettor in the treason case.
And since the actual sellers hadn't been shown to have committed a crime, Keating couldn't be convicted as an aider and abettor, despite a specially tailored Ito jury instruction.
We will go after every sympathiser, every abettor, every facilitator of these terrorists.
Ashfaq Pervez Kiayani could not be declared as aider and abettor in proclamation of emergency.
We hope that the investigations would lead the US authorities to bring the perpetrators and abettors of this act to justice.
The case before the IHC was filed by former prime minister Shaukat Aziz, former Chief Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar and former Law Minister Zahid Hamid, who challenged SC's order to include their names as abettors in treason case.