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abduct (someone) from

To kidnap. Someone abducted that little girl from her parents' home in the middle of the night. I hope the dog wasn't abducted from our yard.
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abduct someone from someone or something

to take away or kidnap a person from someone or from a particular place, usually in secret. The thugs abducted the child from her mother.
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On one memorable occasion, the mother of one abductee stood at the Sukiyabashi intersection in Tokyo, possibly the world's busiest crosswalk, for an hour and gathered only one signature for her petition to the government for assistance.
In his capacity of a Special Envoy, Lee's brother, who is also the vice speaker of South Korea's National Assembly, reportedly told Japanese officials that the new leader "understands and supports" Japan's position on the abductee issue.
In a similar way the responses of alien abductees range from horror to love toward their abductors.
4 -- Following Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda's resignation announcement, North Korea says it will suspend the launch of the reinvestigation panel on Japanese abductees.
Taking notice of the incident, a special investigation team was constituted by IGP KP under the command of SSP CTD Sohail Khalid and DSP Operations Shah Nawaz for recovering the abductee.
Meanwhile, Kim told Shigeo Iizuka, the 72-year-old brother of another abductee Yaeko Taguchi, and her 33-year-old son Koichiro Iizuka that she saw some of the faces that appear on a poster of possible abductees, Koichiro told reporters after the two met with Kim on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Embassy in Tokyo, said the abduction issue should be a priority for the United States, according to Shigeo Iizuka, brother of abductee Yaeko Taguchi.
In the Beijing meeting, Japan agreed to ease some of the sanctions it has imposed on Pyongyang, including conditionally lifting a ban on North Korean ships calling at Japanese ports, on the assumption that North Korea will carry out the reinvestigation into the abductee issue.
JAPAN MUST PRESS DPRK IN ABDUCTEE PROBE (The Daily Yomiuri as translated from the Yomiuri Shimbun)
The father of Japanese abductee Megumi Yokota plans to make a three-day visit to South Korea from May 11 to meet the kin of a South Korean abductee who is believed to be the husband of Megumi in North Korea, sources familiar with the matter said Tuesday.
human rights official on Monday and sought the United Nations' help in resolving the abductee issue.
Former abductee Hitomi Soga collected signatures Sunday in a park in Sado, Niigata Prefecture, for a petition demanding the early rescue of her missing mother Miyoshi and other people believed to have been abducted by North Korea.
House of Representatives panel hearing where the mother of Japanese abductee Megumi Yokota testified and called for U.
Charles Jenkins, the 67-year-old husband of former abductee Hitomi Soga, will leave Japan for the United States on Monday to ask after his mother, who has been hospitalized, Niigata City said Friday.
Repatriated Japanese abductee Hitomi Soga and her American husband Charles Jenkins told family members of a Thai woman, who is also believed to have been abducted to North Korea, about what the couple know about the Thai woman on Thursday, according to relatives of Japanese abductees.