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abbreviate (something) to

1. To shorten a word or phrase into an abbreviation or acronym. Many government agencies have long names that are often abbreviated to acronyms. The pop star abbreviated her name to the first letter of her first name and the first two letters of her last name.
2. To condense or shorten something. During our busy season, our lunch hour is often abbreviated to 30 minutes so we can keep up with the demand. The judge abbreviated the sentence to just 10 months.
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abbreviated piece of nothing

Someone who is entirely unimportant, unsuccessful, or without power or influence. He's an abbreviated piece of nothing at the office; no one even knows he exists.
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abbreviate something to something

1. and abbreviate something as something to make specific initials or an acronym out of a word or phrase. The phrase was abbreviated to ABC.
2. to make something into a shorter version of itself. The act has been abbreviated to just a few minutes.
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abbreviated piece of nothing

n. an insignificant person or thing. Tell that abbreviated piece of nothing to get his tail over here, but fast.
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The data of this study were collected from the new submissions of both full and abbreviated dossiers, in which the evaluation was completed between January 1 and December 31, 2014 by the Center for Drug Evaluation, Taiwan.
Many of those companies that now choose to file abbreviated accounts are hiding their light under a bushel - and attracting the assumption that they have problems to obscure.
Peck: Will the abbreviated survey process be available to assisted living facilities seeking JCAHO accreditation?
Mr Brueton said: 'Our members act for a considerable number of SMEs in this area and we are concerned about the publication of commercially sensitive information if abbreviated accounts are abolished.
When you study the two systems of abbreviating words, you find significant differences in how particular words are abbreviated and which words are abbreviated or not abbreviated in particular settings.
Each entry includes the abbreviated title, CODEN, ISSN, publisher's address, the date of the first issue covered by INSPEC, and (where appropriate) any change in title.
The proposal would create national uniformity, or at least a voluntary standard for phone companies to use in setting up abbreviated dialing for businesses seeking to provide services by phone, said Walt Weyand, BellSouth Telecommunications marketing department manager and co-chair of the IILC task force on abbreviated dialing.
But compared with elaborate turnkey recycling systems often costing several million dollars, such abbreviated systems give a 3-4|cents~/lb advantage in lower depreciation costs.
Times being what they were, Gill named the gene "fruity," abbreviated as fru.
The abbreviated battery of the McCarron-Dial Evaluation System (MDES) as described by McCarron and Dial (1976) and cross validated by Packard, Henke, and McCollum (1976) was utilized to measure the subject's level of vocational potential (McCarron & Dial, 1976).
M2 PHARMA-July 17, 2017-FDA Approves Abbreviated NDA for Lannett Generic Cyproheptadine Hydrochloride Syrup
The tender is the supply of hobby and employment materials for 40 municipalities to Shopping Communities; Fllesindkb Fyn ( abbreviated FIF ) Common Procurement Zealand ( abbreviated FUS ) , Procurement Community Nordsjlland ( abbreviated IN) , and West Gens shopping forum ( abbreviated VIF )
The settlement relates to a patent infringement litigation brought by Forest and Adamas in response to Amneal's abbreviated new drug application seeking approval to market generic versions of Allergan's NAMZARIC (memantine and donepezil hydrochlorides) extended-release, a once-daily, fixed-dose combination of memantine hydrochloride (a NMDA receptor antagonist) and donepezil hydrochloride (an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, AChEI).
The original legends offered are "Osvalds Saga", which is the oldest vernacular legend on the continent, and an edition of "Van Sunte Oswaldo Deme Konninghe", an abbreviated Low German legend deriving from the earliest version.