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like rats abandoning a sinking ship

With great haste and having only personal well-being in mind. (Typically said of people who begin abandoning something or someone that is failing or about to fail.) I knew the business was doomed when employees started quitting en masse, like rats abandoning a sinking ship. Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, the disgraced athlete's corporate sponsors began pulling their sponsorships one after another.
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with wild abandon

With rash, unrestrained impulsiveness, enthusiasm, or zeal. Ever since my brother got that car for his birthday, he's been motoring around at night with wild abandon. The insurgents set upon the town and began firing their weapons with wild abandon.
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with reckless abandon

With rash, unrestrained impulsiveness, enthusiasm, or zeal. Ever since my brother got that car for his birthday, he's been motoring around at night with reckless abandon. The insurgents set upon the town and began firing their weapons with reckless abandon.
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Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Prov. If you come in, be prepared for the worst. (Describes a hopeless situation or one somehow similar to hell. Often used jocularly. This is the English translation of the words on the gate of Hell in Dante's Inferno.) This is our cafeteria. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!
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abandon oneself to something

to yield to the comforts or delights of something. The children abandoned themselves to the delights of the warm summer day.
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abandon ship

1. Lit. to leave a sinking ship. The captain ordered the crew and passengers to abandon ship.
2. . Fig. to leave a failing enterprise. A lot of the younger people are abandoning ship because they can get jobs elsewhere easily.
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abandon someone or something to someone or something

to leave a person, living creature, or thing to the care of someone or something; to give up someone or something to someone or something. (Usually with the thought that the abandoned person or thing will not receive the best of care.) They had to abandon the dogs to the storm.
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Rats abandon a sinking ship.

 and like rats abandoning a sinking ship
Prov. You can tell when something is about to fail because large numbers of people begin to leave it. (Can imply that the people who leave are "rats," that is, selfish and disloyal.) Jill: The company next door must be going bankrupt. Jane: How do you know? Jill: All its employees are resigning. Rats abandon a sinking ship.
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abandon to

1. To desert someone or something in some situation: Because it was too dangerous for us to save our sinking boat, we had to abandon it to the storm's waves.
2. To allow someone to accept or enjoy something without resisting it. Used reflexively: At the amusement park I abandoned myself to the excitement of the roller coaster rides.
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Even the Times of Oman (TOO) found many cars abandoned in private residential car parks, some of which had been parked over more than one designated parking space at different times and others had no number plates.
Speed Over Security After purchase uncertainty (45% respondent attribution), issues with speed (36%) and ease of navigation (31%) are top reasons cited by those who have abandoned a mobile transaction.
SECONDS Premier Division; Harborne (5pts) v Attock (5pts) abandoned, Himley (5pts) v Brockhampton (5pts) abandoned, Old Hill (5pts) v Leamington Spa (5pts) abandoned, Shrewsbury (5pts) v Moseley (5pts) abandoned, Walmley (5pts) v Barnt Green (5pts) abandoned, Wolverhampton (5pts) v Dorridge (5pts), abandoned.
Gulberg Town checked 11 abandoned and 50 under construction buildings.
He said 44 abandoned buildings were renovated and reused by their owners.
A study prepared in 2011 for the Ground Water Protection Council based in Oklahoma cited 30 episodes from 1993 to 2008 of orphaned wells or abandoned drilling sites' polluting groundwater in Texas.
The program marked its 10th anniversary April 7, and while the problem of abandoned vehicles has not been eradicated, city officials say they have come close.
Similarly, a call about an abandoned bike and a bag in GK Mblock market also created panic.
There have been complaints from residents in a few areas about abandoned buildings being a nuisance as these were being used illegally.
Division B1: Clara Vale 101-9 (I Ghazi 48no, B Clouston 4-18, C Jowsey 3-8) v Corbridge - abandoned.
THE number of animals abandoned by their owners in Merseyside rose by 10% in 2007, according to the RSPCA.
The RSPCA rescued over 33,000 animals last year, of which 2009 were abandoned by their owners, up from 1,824 the previous year.
A CAMPAIGN to rid the streets of abandoned vehicles has been hailed as a success.
Billingham Synthonia II v Sedgefield II, Bishop Auckland II v Redcar II, Blackhall II v Thornaby II, Saltburn II v Darlington RA II, Great Ayton II v Preston, Marske II v Hartlepool II, Marton II v Richmondshire II, Stokesley II v Northallerton II, Wolviston II v Yarm II - All matches abandoned, 6 points each.
Nearly three years after promising to crack down on the clutter of abandoned shopping carts, City Councilman Tony Cardenas launched a pilot project Monday to have city workers clear them from the streets of Van Nuys.