a man of the world

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a man/woman of the world

someone who has a lot of experience of life, and is not usually shocked by the way people behave You're a man of the world, Roger, I'd appreciate your advice on a rather delicate matter.
See also: man, of, world
References in classic literature ?
As I walked by her side that May morning, I was only conscious of her voice and her exquisite girlhood; for though she talked with the APLOMB of a woman of the world, a passionate candour and simple ardour in her manner would have betrayed her, had her face not plainly declared her the incarnation of twenty.
Always mature for her age, she had gained a certain aplomb in both carriage and conversation, which made her seem more of a woman of the world than she was, but her old petulance now and then showed itself, her strong will still held its own, and her native frankness was unspoiled by foreign polish.
Feeling a woman of the world, she rose and prepared to take her leave.