a vicious circle

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vicious circle

A negative situation that is constantly maintained or worsened, rather than resolved. Underdeveloped countries are often stuck in a vicious circle of poverty that their citizens can never overcome. I use my credit card because I don't make enough money to pay my bills, and as soon as I get paid, any extra money goes toward my credit card bill. That vicious circle is why I'm constantly broke!
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a vicious circle

COMMON If you describe a difficult situation as a vicious circle, you mean that one problem has caused other problems which, in turn, have made the original problem even worse. The economy couldn't create jobs because consumers weren't spending. Consumers weren't spending because the economy wasn't creating jobs. And this was the vicious circle we were caught in. According to the report, patients discharged from hospitals are being thrust into a vicious circle of poverty and illnesses. Note: This refers to the error in logic of trying to prove the truth of one statement by a second statement, which in turn relies on the first for proof. The expression is a translation of the Latin `circulus vitiosus', meaning `a flawed circular argument'.
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a vicious ˈcircle

a difficult situation or problem where one thing makes another thing happen, which then makes the first thing happen again: He spends too much on drink because he’s worried about his financial problems, and so the situation gets worse and worse. It’s a vicious circle.
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Big Sam said: "As hard as we try to prevent injuries, it is an impossibility because of the demand on the players - and that demand comes because the player wants ever more money to play for you, so it's a vicious circle.
Everton appear to be trapped in a vicious circle of their own making.
Violence is a vicious circle and we should not be surprised when "terrorists" hit back at us when we invade their countries.
It is a vicious circle problem and you can only deal with that calmly and by dominating your nerves," said Wenger.
Commenting on authority discussions in jurisdiction, President Abdullah Gul said, "this is a vicious circle.
And that is the crowning insult of all, since Los Angeles' grotesquely overpaid officials have their salaries tied to those of judges -- a vicious circle of escalating paychecks if ever there was one.
In addition to needing flood protection and basic infrastructure, which only the government can provide, rebuilding is being blocked by a vicious circle of uncertainty.
This, under the current proposal, would be a contribution or 'tax' levied on the weak and could be the final straw, causing a vicious circle of insolvencies.
They enter a vicious circle where there is no way out.
Surely by using such criteria a vicious circle is created.
They're excited because they see an opportunity to turn what's become a vicious circle into virtuous cycle-saving time, money and hassle.
A vicious circle could be very vicious, and the Fed wants to avoid this possibility.
ANKARA, Feb 18, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish President Abdullah Gul expressed his regret over recent discussions about judiciary and added, "this is a vicious circle.
The ten sacks in their pool--abstracted bodies moving in repetitive patterns--could be seen as a variation on Duchamp's nine malic molds, w hile It crossed my mind is a kind of Bachelorette Machine: A contemporary female take on the Duchampian universe, a vicious circle between a woman who seems preoccupied with staring at her finger and a self activating car.
Although bribery might bring short-term benefits to a company, such practices led quickly to a vicious circle, said Dommel.