a turf war

turf war

1. An ongoing fight among factions, often criminal ones, attempting to control a particular territory (i.e. their "turf"). The neighborhood has been torn apart by the turf war between the two gangs.
2. By extension, a dispute or hostile environment among persons or factions competing for a particular position, or influence in a particular area. The school newspaper has become the scene of a turf war among several ambitious students who all want to add "editor" to their college applications. The electoral map has become nothing more than a diagram of the turf war between the two parties.
See also: turf, war

a ˈturf war

(informal) an argument or a dispute about who owns or controls an area: Street violence has escalated as a result of a turf war between rival neighbourhood gangs.Turf wars are inevitable when two departments are merged.
In informal language, your turf is the place where you live and/or work, especially when you think of it as your own.
See also: turf, war
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It's drug-related and they are having a turf war there,' Mr.
So the Panorama City Graffiti Busters just keep going, waging a turf war they know they can't win, but one they can't afford to quit fighting, either.
DONALD Dewar and John Reid buried the hatchet yesterday in their first public show of unity since rumours of a turf war surfaced.
Later he said there was "no foundation" to rumours of a turf war.