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Gardner denies the state's claims and said she has never knowingly sold a sick puppy.
THE RSPCA made a heartfelt plea for the safe return of a sick puppy stolen from its animal welfare centre in Birmingham.
The RSPCA decided to investigate Davies last October after he tried to sell an undercover Wales on Sunday reporter a sick puppy from the back of a van.
OXFORD - David Barsoum of Westboro alleges Laughlin Kennel sold him a sick puppy.
Barsoum alleges Laughlin Kennels sold him a sick puppy.
Earlier this year, Cathy Denaris and Tina Mastrototaro charged the kennel with selling them a sick puppy, and began a public campaign (to include postings on an Internet Web site petition) to warn other prospective pet owners of their experience.
Given the significant amount of money a pet owner can potentially expend in nursing a sick puppy to good health, it would appear that the state has an obligation to ensure that both the interests of the pet owners and those who sell these animals are protected.