a shotgun wedding

shotgun wedding

A wedding that happens quickly due to an unplanned pregnancy. After finding out she was pregnant, Gina and Tom had a shotgun wedding.
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a shotgun wedding

1. A shotgun wedding is a wedding that happens quickly because the woman is pregnant. The sort of marriage that starts with a shotgun wedding never quite escapes from the feeling that one partner or the other has been trapped.
2. A shotgun wedding is when two companies or organizations join together suddenly because they need to. The committee was created through a shotgun wedding between the community relations commission and the race relations board.
See also: shotgun, wedding

a ˌshotgun ˈwedding/ˈmarriage

(old-fashioned, informal) a marriage which takes place because the woman is pregnant
This expression probably refers to the father of a woman, who threatens to shoot the man unless he marries her.
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She added: "But she's not going to be so impressed when she finds he wants a shotgun wedding so their child is born in wedlock.
One of those films you feel you've seen 20 times before, The Wedding Date is more like a shotgun wedding in that you'd have to put a gun to my head to get me to watch it again.
My first wedding was a shotgun wedding basically," says Lynne.
The idea is, the girls will propose to their chaps and then whisk them down the aisle for something of a shotgun wedding.
24 NATURE that the formerly aloof argon has been coerced into the chemical equivalent of a shotgun wedding.
It was a shotgun wedding, and you were so drunk at the ceremony I'm surprised you still remember your name.
When the old councils merged, it was dubbed a shotgun wedding as neither Bedworth nor Nuneaton wanted to be political bedfellows.
Bob's daughter Peaches is now part of a pair after losing her single status in a shotgun wedding to a little-known musician in Las Vegas.