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As the limber gunners went to the rear, his horse trod in a rabbit hole and came down, throwing him into a depression of the ground.
He made an unsuccessful shot or two at a deer and a beaver; but at night found a rabbit hole, whence he extracted the occupant, upon which, with the addition of a fish given him by the travellers, he made a hearty supper, and retired to rest, filled with good cheer and good humor.
The initiative's name is inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland and her life-changing fall down a rabbit hole.
GLAD AS A BADGER A LOST baby badger has been rescued after falling down a rabbit hole and getting stuck.
Summary: It took more than three hours for firefighters in Shropshire to free a small Patterdale terrier who got stuck down a rabbit hole.
London, May 27 (ANI): A dog got stuck in a rabbit hole in Haverfordwest, West Wales, and could manage to crawl out only after it lost a third of his body weight due to starvation for 25 days.
TWO inquisitive Jack Russells sparked a major rescue effort after vanishing down a rabbit hole.
Covered in dirt, eyelids almost sealed by the mud and thinner than a whippet - it turned out she'd been stuck down a rabbit hole and couldn't get out.
FIREFIGHTERS excavated part of a graveyard yesterday to try to rescue a terrier dog which disappeared down a rabbit hole.
He could live on Easter Island or down a rabbit hole in the back garden of a little girl called Alice, which reminds me, what do you get if you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?
A DOG stunned her owners by escaping from a rabbit hole where she was trapped for six days.
He also examines how the idea of other dimensions has permeated not only science but also popular culture and literature--from Plato's suggestion that we perceive mere shadows of reality to Lewis Carroll's conception of a rabbit hole for Alice's passage from the real world.
Soon, Floyd finds himself rappelling down a rabbit hole of intrigue, clashing with political power brokers and unleashing ghosts of that not so long ago conflict, along with truths about the atrocities committed in its name.
FIREFIGHTERS freed a Jack Russell stuck in a rabbit hole - by tempting her out with a chocolate Easter egg.