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There is no such thing as free lunch and relations between countries were guided by their national interests and based on a quid pro quo.
The agency had mentioned in its earlier chargesheets that the multi- crore investments made by various companies and individuals in the business empire of Jagan were nothing but " bribes" given to him as a quid pro quo gesture to the sops doled out to them during his father late Y.
Some critics see the agreement as a quid pro quo for the new $100 million National Stadium donated and built by China and inaugurated March 26.
23) The court also boldly states that in some instances, the word "explicit," as applied to a quid pro quo agreement in McCormick, can actually mean the exact opposite, "implicit.
The world governing body has picked up on rumours that one European bidder for 2018 has made a quid pro quo agreement for blocks of votes with a country bidding for 2022.
It quoted an unnamed Western source close to the talks with Israel saying: A quid pro quo deal is in the offing.
When I was the executive member responsible and chair of the BSF Board, Cllr Jan Clein and I had a motion agreed committing the council to a quid pro quo replacement of the current Quarry site for the open space taken for the new school on the Millbank site.
An in house team at Mack-Cali previously handled leasing in the building, but a source revealed that the company may be handing off the assignment as part of a quid pro quo.
Also, if a charitable organization (except a governmental unit) receives a quid pro quo donation exceeding $75, the organization must provide a written statement informing the donor that the donation is deductible only to the extent it exceeds the value of goods or services provided by the organization and a good faith estimate of their value.
Now, no one alleges that any laws have been broken, or that there's a quid pro quo in which companies get contracts in exchange for contributions.
There is a quid pro quo for the debt relief obtained.
As the First Circuit stated fifteen years ago, "[t]he gist of a quid pro quo claim is that [an employee] is threatened by [a supervisor] with demands for a sexual encounter.
1) If you can't (or won't) do it, give convincing reasons up front; (2) establish the rules of engagement; (3) a mentoring relationship doesn't guarantee loyally; (4) having a protege has political risks; (5) you can't force anyone to take advice; and (6) expect a quid pro quo.
Naturally, they'll want a quid pro quo for such an arrangement--after all, it's going to cost them something.
For example, a white woman whose supervisor harassed her for dating an African-American man, and who was subsequently fired, might have a quid pro quo claim.