a pub crawl

pub crawl

A tour of local pubs or bars, usually with the purpose of having one or more drinks at each along the way. We're going on a literary pub crawl tonight to visit all the pubs the city's famous authors used to frequent. That's the last time I do a pub crawl; my body just can't handle that much booze anymore!
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a ˈpub crawl

(British English, informal) a visit to several pubs, going straight from one to the next and drinking in each one: We went on a pub crawl last night.
See also: crawl, pub
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Activities include "Bears at the Casino" night Thursday, pool parties both Friday and Saturday, a pub crawl Friday night with meal, and a banquet/ Toga/Bingo Party Saturday evening at Caesars Table.
After filming wrapped, he and his whole crew, including Debbie and her twin sister went on a pub crawl.
SCOTS union officials on a trip to Westminster nicked a portrait of Margaret Thatcher from a bar and took it on a pub crawl.
A PUB crawl said to be a rite of passage for generations of Liverpool students is to be consigned to history.
In Shaun of the Dead they tackled zombies, in Hot Fuzz they took on small-town police and mobsters but for their latest dose of laddish camaraderie Pegg, Frost and director Edgar Wright take on their biggest challenge - a pub crawl with the end of the world at stake.
com)-- One of Sacramento's best festivals gets going Friday night, August 31st with a pub crawl of sorts.
Following the death of a college student during a pub crawl last spring involving students from the University of Rhode Island, lawmakers voted to prohibit any liquor licensee from knowingly allowing use of its premises as part of an organized pub crawl.
The pub was full of young men enjoying a pub crawl.
staff and regulars from the Barge and Barrel, Tipton, prepare for a pub crawl to Great Bridge and back to raise money for Cancer Research UK.
Griffin into my monogrammed Goyard garment bag and take her on safari, on a pub crawl through Ireland, or into Australia's outback.
Organising a pub crawl can be a logistical nightmare at the best of times.
But MPs have blasted the awarding of taxpayers' money for a pub crawl, which will feature live music and a buffet.
The 18-year-old, from Crook, had spent the day on a pub crawl with work colleagues.
Following that, a pub crawl was arranged for first and second year students in October.