a practical joke

(play) a ˌpractical ˈjoke (on somebody)

play a trick on somebody which involves physical action, using an object, etc: They put a frog in his bed as a practical joke. ▶ a ˌpractical ˈjoker noun a person who plays practical jokes
See also: joke, practical
References in classic literature ?
Obviously they had decided to treat the whole matter as a practical joke and to brave it out, for outside the gates in an open fly were the whole party.
Sir Dinadan the Humorist was the first to awake, and he soon roused the rest with a practical joke of a suffi- ciently poor quality.
Candy, the doctor, on the sore subject of his profession; and he plays you a practical joke, in return, with a dose of laudanum.
BUT what about if I played a practical joke on you now and it took ages and was not funny and made no sense and I laughed and you did not?
Washington, Jan 287 ( ANI ): George Clooney, who is notorious for playing practical jokes on his co-stars, has admitted he is putting together a practical joke that will have huge repercussions for Brad Pitt.
When he considers the bed trick in All's Well That Ends Well in another chapter, he insists that it is not really a practical joke because Helena is too solemn and just not funny; but that of course depends entirely on the players, and especially on the loathsomeness of Bertram.
A federal appellate judge ruled last week that the city of Albuquerque and its police department can be sued for a practical joke played on a new Southwest employee at the New Mexico city's airport in 2002.
JOKE' ENDS IN TRAGEDY: A 29-year-old man died after he leapt from a hotel balcony as part of a practical joke, an inquest heard today.
Kalil decided to play a practical joke on his teammates and USC coach Pete Carroll naturally loved the idea.
Instead, I decided to write something myself, based on a practical joke played on me at the 2003 Toronto International Film Festival.
Twenty six per cent of women said they had played a practical joke on their boss, compared to 19 per cent of men.
First of all, by turning Federico's compliment of his skill into a reference to his baldness and a reminder of a practical joke played on him, Bibbiena humbly makes himself the butt of his first joke.
A PRANKSTER ended up in court after trying to print pounds 1million of counterfeit money as a practical joke to trick his mum into thinking he'd won the lottery.
A GRIEVING Valleys woman was left outraged after mobile phone giant Orange told her that her boyfriend's tragic death could be part of a practical joke to save money.
Five students playing a practical joke at James Monroe High School in North Hills told a classmate a persuasive story about their planned attack.