a penchant for

a penchant for something

a great liking for something He had a penchant for luxury hotel suites, limousines, and high-priced meals.
See also: penchant
References in classic literature ?
I remember, somewhere, sitting in a circle with Japanese fishermen, Kanaka boat-steerers from our own vessels, and a young Danish sailor fresh from cowboying in the Argentine and with a penchant for native customs and ceremonials.
He ran across a book in the library on the care of the body, and promptly developed a penchant for a cold-water bath every morning, much to the amazement of Jim, and to the bewilderment of Mr.
With a turn for literary expression myself, and a penchant for forcible figures and phrases, I appreciated, as no other listener, I dare say, the peculiar vividness and strength and absolute blasphemy of his metaphors.
Rats raised by moms who frequently lick and groom them undergo permanent changes in patterns of gene activity, leading to a penchant for exploratory behavior in stressful situations, say Michael J.
A brilliant and dynamic sales engineer with a penchant for customer service long before it was popular, Dane wrote four books and numerous articles on the science of selling.